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can be

Think of Gemma as your creative collaborator. No, she doesn’t remove tasks from your workload. She just makes every step of your flow better and easier to complete.


Gemma brings out the
best in you

Skip the complicated prompt engineering. Set up shareable custom Gems and build a library of tasks for Gemma to blitz through.

Inbox zero, except it’s your to-do list

You don’t have time to wade through a 40-page PDF. Instead, pop your PDFs into Gemma, get snappy summaries, and fire off detailed queries about the content. Easy-peasy!

Tl;dr here’s why
Gemma is cool

Any design platform can hand you a template. Gemma’s different. Brief Gemma like you would a creative and she’ll generate a unique, interactive presentation.

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Expert copywriting
Summarize tasks, content, transcripts & more
Tuned for creativity
Innovative integrations
Advanced visual output & editing
Pre-loaded prompts knock out your to-do list
Enterprise-grade security

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