The marketer's lifeline: How to use AI for content creation

May 23, 2024 - 8 min read


Author: Becki Kremer

Welcome to the new digital era, marketers.

An age where goldfish-like attention spans and the appetite for creating viral-worthy content is at an all-time high.

And in the midst of this chaos, the question: Should I prioritize quality or quantity content?


The truth is, it's not an either-or scenario. You actually need a balance of both.

But when you don’t have the time (or resources) to put together a full-scale content team, how do you possibly strike this balance?

Simple – using AI to support your marketing content creation process.

Here’s how.

The obstacles of marketing content creation

To see how AI fits into the creative world, we first need to look at the daily struggles that can throw a wrench in the content production process.

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

  • Overworked teams with limited in-house capacity, juggling numerous projects at once, all of which demand design assets.
  • Communication gaps among teams lead to delays, particularly in gathering feedback.
  • Lack of essential design resources (like content creation tools) slowing down the production process.
  • Team members aren't tech-savvy or struggle with the creative aspects of content.
  • Insufficient design skills among team members outside of the designated design team.
  • Time wasted on completing repetitive tasks (like compiling analytics data or building landing page forms), which could be spent creating content.

Speaking of issues: 42% of businesses have even reported only having one team, or one person, that does all the content marketing for their entire organization. 

Talk about ‘yikes.’

But wait, there’s good news! The rise of generative AI is a revolutionary problem solver, with 58% of US marketers saying that it has increased their team’s performance

It’s time to discover how AI can flip the marketing script in your favor!

AI tools that will turbocharge your creative processes

Bridging the design gap: Generative AI like Dall-E provides non-designer marketing teams with the tools they need to create high-quality visual content, such as social media ads.

This means they don’t need to wait on swamped designers or struggle with complex design software. And designers can finally take a breather from the tidal wave of requests!

Automating your process: Tools like Zapier have always been invaluable for marketers looking to streamline tasks like setting up Asana tasks or crunching campaign data. But let's face it, crafting those complex workflows used to eat up a ton of time (and brainpower).

That’s in the past now thanks to AI! Zapier has rolled out a nifty tool that simplifies this process. You can type in real questions or problems, like "I need to send HubSpot leads to Google Sheets then back to HubSpot” and voila! It creates the entire workflow for you.

This smarter way of working means you can say sayonara to last-minute image edits and frantic workflow setups before your next meeting. In fact, current generative AI has the potential to automate work activities that absorb 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time. Now, you can channel your energies into crafting killer marketing content, with AI as your time-saving, efficiency-boosting sidekick.

Banishing creative blocks: Staring down a blank page with a looming deadline?

Well, imagine having an extra creative on your team who’s available 24/7 to give you on-the-spot suggestions and thought-provoking copy inspiration. That’s where you can call on our creative AI assistant – Gemma.

If you’re stuck in a creative rut, she’ll help get out of it. With a wide range of abilities, Gemma can lend a hand with anything, including structuring a blog outline, whipping up an outreach email, brainstorming snappy headlines, and instant proofreading.

Staying efficient and consistent: AI is like having a marketing assistant who never sleeps.

It efficiently generates design elements, drafts content, and builds out comprehensive mockups. This quick turnaround means you can spend less time in a creative rut and more time promoting your brand.

It adapts quickly, too, and can learn from existing content you provide it. So feed it your brand guidelines, and it'll start producing personalized marketing materials that are consistent with your branding and speak to your audience in your own unique voice.

Scaling creativity: As a marketer, you know the drill. A never-ending stream of landing page graphics to create, blog illustrations to design, and email banners to whip up.

But hold up – generative AI, like Midjourney, can churn out variations at scale, so you can meet demand without compromising on quality.

You’ll never have to miss another deadline again and can enjoy a way smoother, swifter marketing workflow!

It turns out generative AI isn’t just a luxury for the well-resourced; it’s a must-have. And because you no longer have to be a prompt expert to use creative AI software, everyone has access to creativity, no matter their abilities or tech-savviness.

Using AI not only helps budget-strapped teams banish content-killing silos but also paves the way for more innovative marketing.

So you can spend less time worrying about resources and more time creating captivating content that’ll make the world do a double-take.

Simon Berg, Ceros’ founder, sums up the power of AI well:

“AI opens up a world of possibilities. By encouraging experimentation and creative exploration, teams can push boundaries and achieve more with less.

So… play with it. Tell it the intended goal; tell it what really matters; tell it the emotions you want to evoke. Then you’ll get results that will blow your mind.”

Create content like never before… with AI

Say you're looking to really dazzle your audience and give them AI-generated content worth sticking around for. What then?

Well, here's a fun fact: Interactive content has been shown to bring in a whopping 52.6% more engagement compared to static content.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a dynamic form of content that your entire team can get on board with, it’s time to get interactive.

At Ceros, we use a mix of external and internal tools (like Gemma, our creative AI assistant) to enhance our content’s creativity while streamlining the production process.

So those tasks that used to steal hours from our day? They’re now completed in mere minutes, with the help of AI!

Don't be shy, give AI a try!

Sorry about that header—I couldn't help myself. 🙃

Anyway, there you have it!

Everything you need to know about how AI can supercharge the content creation process for marketing teams everywhere, no matter their size or expertise. 

While my crystal ball might be a little foggy, one thing is clear: there's no time like the present to explore how AI can elevate your marketing efforts.

Because the future of creativity? It starts with you. And a little AI magic, of course.

Interested in learning how AI can transform your content creation process? Swing by our blog, or connect with our experts to see how we can enhance your workflow with AI and supercharge your strategy.


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