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B2B Interactive Content

As technology improves, customers’ expectations also rise. Specifically, many customers wish to learn from the brands they take interest in and to engage with them also. A company might find it difficult to meet these expectations and stand out at the same time. Interactive content can assist companies with meeting their customers’ demands and deliver results that increase their profit margins and help them pull away from their competitors.

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is content that promotes active engagement from its users. With interactive content, users can experience the content rather than just view it. Clickable interactive maps, infographics, and product demos are just a few examples of interactive content that can communicate information in an enjoyable and memorable way. Interactive content can engage the customer more than an intrusive advertisement, and it can create experiences that make a deep impression on the customer. Experiences can connect people to brands and, as a result, possibly generate brand awareness and sustainable revenue.

Companies that want to increase their engagement and conversions can invest in interactive content, meaning they put time and money into creating new experiences for their consumers. B2B interactive content can positively affect key business metrics. Its immersive nature can allow potential customers to engage with a company longer. Experiences that demand consumers’ attention and reward their participation can increase the money consumers might be willing to spend on a product or service.

Ceros is a software company that enables companies to create exceptional interactive experiences. These experiences can help brands strengthen their images and appeal to their audiences. Marketing teams can create interactive content without writing any extensive coding or web design knowledge. 

Interactive Content Tools

Interactive content in digital marketing can increase web traffic and possibly convert more visitors into leads. Companies can’t reap the benefits of interactive content if the content they publish isn’t performing to expectations. Interactive content tools can provide analytics about how interactive content is performing.

Companies that stay up-to-date with their analytics can create more effective experiences or modify existing ones to nurture website traffic and conversions. Increasing the interactivity of content can possibly drive revenue. Consumers that don’t connect with a brand might not be interested in purchasing the product.

Ceros users can track the performance of the experiences they’ve created. Users can view fundamental metrics like visitor counts and page views for every piece of interactive content they’ve created. They can also find other statistics like the average time a person spent with an experience, click rates, and social shares. Users can look deeper into their analytics by viewing the page view drop-off by page and number of clicks on specific objects.

The content creation experience usually doesn’t stop after you create a successful experience. Using interactive content tools to survey analytics is a significant element in content marketing and shouldn’t be overlooked. You might also consider analyzing interactive content statistics.

Types Of Interactive Content

Sometimes marketers struggle to find the inspiration to create interactive visual content. This can prove to be a hurdle in promoting their company. Marketing teams are typically responsible for driving brand awareness. They usually can’t sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. The business world is fast-paced and competitive. Inspiration needs to come quickly and frequently.

One effective method for a marketer to get inspired is to look at how other people are creating different types of interactive content. They can explore the Ceros website for examples of various types of interactive media and find templates they can use to create their own.

Content creators can browse all of the user-generated content examples by Industry, Type, and Feature. The examples can also be sorted by the Most Viewed or the Newest. All of these examples can inspire creators to make quizzes, games, and other interactive content that can attract visitors better than traditional marketing.

Content creators can also discover resources that can help them create their own original design elements. Users can look at interactive article examples to get an idea where they want to take their own content. Interactive blog examples can help marketing teams create highly engaging content.

Interactive B2B Marketing Content

B2B companies that are active in certain industries don’t usually have to compete with an open market for customers due to their niche. Because of this smaller field, the competition within an industry can be even more aggressive given the number of companies fighting for market share in a smaller field.

In regards to B2B marketing, it is important for companies to establish their brands and their brand messaging. However, it can take time to educate potential customers about products and services. Increasing brand awareness is usually the best way to establish that messaging.

The best interactive content is more engaging than traditional content. Companies may have more success delivering brand messaging through interactive B2B marketing content. The users of this content, potential customers, are more likely to remember the content and more likely to convert as a qualified lead.

Why is interactive content important?

Interactive content gives the user something to interact with. This experience can’t really be recreated with blocks of text and static graphics. All of the traditional digital marketing tools and techniques no longer produce the results they once did. Interactive content can improve user engagement and conversion rates by creating a connection between content and audiences.

Interactive Posts For Social Media

A significant portion of online marketing deals with social media. Many people spend a lot of time on social media, making it a popular marketing channel. Companies that want to engage followers on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest can create and publish interactive content that can drive traffic and revenue. Interactive posts for social media can be shared among a wider range of people, further expanding the potential customer pool.

One way companies can engage users on social media is to post a link to an experience. Companies can optimize their Ceros Experience for social media sharing by customizing the title, description, and photo they want to appear within posts for Open Graph enabled platforms and Twitter sharing. Open Graph Tags allow companies to provide data to customize how they want their page to look on social media platforms that use the Open Graph protocol like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Interactive social media can engage audiences and increase brand awareness while also possibly attracting new followers to a brand on social media platforms. Effective interactive social media examples can greatly enhance a company’s online presence.

Interactive Content For Instagram

One way to engage users on social media is to link experiences directly in social media stories for platforms that have stories features. These platforms currently include Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Companies can directly integrate experiences they’ve created in Ceros with social media platforms that have stories features. For example, companies can insert a Ceros experience into an Instagram story. If they have a verified Instagram account or at least 10,000 followers, then they can follow steps toward sharing a story worth engaging with and remembering.

Ceros’ social media marketing tools can be user-friendly and effective to spread brand awareness and drive revenue. Ceros can help marketing teams streamline their workflow and maximize their brand’s revenue potential. Making and sharing interactive content on social media is an essential element for success. Interactive content for Instagram can raise awareness even more because Instagram is a popular social media platform. Interactive post ideas for Instagram can be found on the Ceros website as well as other interactive format ideas.

Interactive Content Ideas

B2B interactive content isn’t too different from any other type of content. Companies want to sell other companies a product or service. They have to market what they’re selling to other companies just like any other products. In regards to B2B, other companies are the customers, too. They have demands like people do. B2B interactive content should be just as immersive as any other marketing content. The value of content is the same no matter the product or target audience.

Interactive content can help span the gap between companies and their customers. Interactive content can provide experiences that stick in a person’s mind. They can also offer stories that consumers can share with their friends and family. Marketers should aim to create immersive content that creates these experiences. Outstanding online content can help enhance brand awareness as well as drive demand for products and services. Consumers might buy a particular product if they come across content that gives them an experience that makes an impression on them.

Marketers who look at the best interactive content examples for inspiration might be able to create the best interactive content to engage potential customers. Interactive content examples can be some of the best tools marketing teams can use to achieve their content goals. Interactive content ideas are just one piece of a content campaign. Sharing content created with Ceros on social media and monitoring the performance of this content are two other elements that can help companies gain an edge over their competitors.