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Top 10 Interactive Infographics 2015

Our 10 Favorite Interactive Infographics of 2015

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I suck at choosing favorites. When someone asks me to identify my favorite book, movie, band, or baked good, I can usually narrow it down to a top 10 list. But picking one favorite? It’s not going to happen. You can call me wishy-washy if you want; I call it having a three-dimensional array of interests.

So here I am at the end of the year, looking back at all of the fantastic interactive infographics from 2015. And of course, I can’t choose just one or two… but I’ve honed in on 10 that we really dug here at Ceros.

You’ll find brief descriptions and links to all 10 below. Peruse at your leisure, and enjoy!

Visage: Data Storytelling—Choosing the Right Visualization Format

Visage Data Visualization Infographic

We love this interactive infographic by visual content creation platform Visage. The design is elegant and easy to read; the content is informative without being overly technical.

ZenDesk: The Past, Present, and Future of Retail

ZenDesk Retail Infographic

This interactive infographic from ZenDesk’s Relate site clearly tells the story of retail innovation from the 1880s through today. It also gives a sneak peek at what the future of shopping will look like. The subtle animations and layered content provides an engaging experience for the viewer, rounding out the text narrative of the article.

Dallas Cowboys: Weekly Post-Game Recap

Dallas Cowboys Infographic

This interactive infographic is a million times more engaging than your typical post-game recap article—and it doesn’t take days to go live. Every Monday morning, the Cowboys compile the previous night’s game stats, video clips, and photos into an interactive game review. This is a great example of how interactive content can bring information to life in real time.

Oracle Maxymiser: 3 Ways Travel Brands Can Win with Testing

Oracle Maxymiser Infographic

This actionable infographic from Oracle Maxymiser presents a clear story to the end user while inviting them to participate in the narrative. The animations and visual styling are also really fun!

Bwin: The Ultimate Tale of the Tape

Bwin Mayweather Pacquiao Infographic

Bwin built this interactive infographic to promote the contentious Mayweather – Pacquiao boxing match in spring 2015. Not only are the stats interesting, but the visual treatment is stunning. The piece makes great use of animation and interaction effects.

GumGum: The Visual Web

GumGum Visual Web Infographic

In-image advertising platform GumGum created this infographic on the visual web to promote their report in fall 2015. The stats are digestible, visually compelling, and highly valuable to marketers creating visual content.

Red Bull: Texas Air Race

Red Bull Texas Air Race Infographic

This interactive infographic from Red Bull does a great job of weaving together stats about the race, the science of the planes, and pilot Kirby Chambliss. The data visualizations are particularly nice—we really love the speed and altitude graphs.

Mashable: Coffee Around the World

Mashable Coffee Map

Mashable has been publishing tons of great interactive content this year, but this interactive infographic on coffee tops the list. The clickable map gives full control to the end user to explore coffee by region depending on what type of roasts they like.

LinkedIn: Employee Referrals

LinkedIn Recruiting Infographic

Instead of simply publishing a blog post with survey data, LinkedIn created a hands-on interactive infographic to explore the latest trends around employee referrals in the recruiting process. The information is extremely valuable for recruiters, and the visual treatment allows viewers to drill into specific results in further detail.

NRF: 10 Years of SORO

NRF Infographic

To celebrate their tenth annual State of Online Retailing (SORO) report, the National Retail Federation (NRF) created an interactive infographic. We love how the timeline clearly highlights key events in retail history while also encouraging viewers to drill deeper into new stats from the 2015 report.

The Bottom Line

These businesses, brands, and organizations took stats and stories and brought them to life as compelling, engaging interactive infographics. We loved these 10, but we’d love to know which topped your list of favorites! Leave us a link in the comments, and we’ll check them out.

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