26 Jan
11:00am EST
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UX Strategy: Thinking Through Design

This small group training will outline how to start thinking about projects from a user perspective. We'll review UX best practices and guidelines for creating successful, engaging content.

Please note: We limit the amount of registrations for our small group trainings so that attendees can participate and ask questions. This session will be capped at 25 registrants, so be sure to save your seat!

Hannah Ekman

As a UX Designer, Hannah Ekman helps businesses create engaging, strategically sound experiences. In her three years at Ceros, she's advanced the Professional Services team’s design capabilities by emphasizing usability, simplicity, and ideation.

Meg Foster

Meg is a user experience designer on the Ceros PROs team. By employing strategic thinking and UX best practice, she helps clients to create intuitive and engaging experiences that advance the goals of both the business and the end user.