2 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Ceros Platform Training

This small group training will walk through the basics of the Ceros platform and cover everything from importing assets into the studio, to adding animations and interactions, and publishing.

2 Jun
02:00pm EDT
4 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Content Marketing in Healthcare: Trending Topics, Themes, and Experiences

In this webinar, we’ll outline 5 content marketing trends that we are currently seeing in the healthcare industry & explore how you can apply those learnings to your organization.
9 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Digital Strategy: From Static to Experiential

In this small group training, we'll focus on digital strategy and the steps for taking your content from static to experiential. This session will walk through high level strategy for copy, structure, design, and build—while focusing on user engagement, visuals, and interactive opportunities.
16 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Content Strategy: Writing for a Digital Audience

In this small group training, we'll review a high-level analysis of online reader behavior, followed by best practices for writing for digital. Learn techniques for brainstorming engaging concepts, writing compelling headlines, and more.
23 Jun
02:00pm EDT

UX Strategy: Thinking Through Design

This small group training will outline how to start thinking about projects from a user perspective. We'll review UX best practices and guidelines for creating successful, engaging content.
25 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Creating Quizzes in Ceros using the SDK

Learn how you can create logic based quizzes and assessments in Ceros! In this webinar, we’ll walk through how to apply quiz logic to Ceros experiences using the Software Development Kit (SDK).
9 Jul
02:00pm EDT

Mobile Design Best Practices

In this session, Meredith will discuss how to rethink your mobile layout from your desktop variant, as well as best practices for updating interactions and UX for mobile.
13 Aug
02:00pm EDT

Create a Voice: Crafting the Best Way to Speak to Your Audience

In this webinar, we'll discuss what makes up brand voice, why it matters, and how to find a voice that will connect with your audience.

Previous Webinars

Closing the Gap Between IRL and URL Experiences

How Getty Images, GumGum, and Ceros bridge the gap to embrace opportunities in the digital space.

Publisher Series: Create More Engaging Editorial Stories

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to use an interactive content platform to create the kind of editorial stories you've always dreamed of. This session will review content strategy, workflow, building a strong editorial and design team, and how to tell more engaging stories.

Publisher Series: Go to Market Strategies that Work

Join us as we review all the steps to developing a successful go to market strategy. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for how to best package and sell interactive content.

Panel Discussion: Embracing Virtual Event Experiences

How Gong, Conductor, and CarGurus embraced the new normal of virtual events.

Publisher Series: 2020 Content Trends

Join Adam Sangster, Head of Publisher Revenue, and Kristin Walsifer, Customer Success Team Lead for Publishing, as they sit down to discuss upcoming content trends in publishing. Adam and Kristin will take a look at new and innovative content formats, where to host and promote content, as well as KPIs and how to measure success.

Animate With Ease: Incorporating Movement into Your Content

Don't miss this webinar hosted by Anna Shea, Senior Production Designer (and animation guru) at Ceros! In this session, Anna will review best practices for animating your static content—deep diving into her workflow, applications for advanced techniques, and highlighting how to animate your content with purpose.

Best in Class: How Successful Customers Operationalize Ceros

Adopting a new technology - and a new process - can be hard. In this webinar, we’ll share some trends we’ve seen across some of our most successful clients, as well as some tips and tricks to help you integrate Ceros into your workflow just as seamlessly.

Make it Click: Using Words to Get Users Through Your Experience

Learn writing techniques that can transform your content into an experience! In this webinar, we will review key strategies when writing for a digital audience.