Tuesday Ceros Platform Training

This small group training will walk through the basics of the Ceros platform and cover everything from importing assets into the studio, to adding animations and interactions, and publishing. This training is offered weekly. When registering, select the specific session you’d like to join.


Guided Design Course: Visuals and Digital Layouts

Design is in the details! Building on the principles covered in Intro to Design, we'll take things a step further by discussing and going hands-on with the more intricate practices of digital design. In this five-week course, we'll run through topics such as spacing, color ratios, button layouts, visual depth, and more to create eye-catching experiences in the Ceros Studio.

Build-Along: SDK iFrame Reset

This SDK iFrame plugin enables the automated or user-triggered refresh of an iframe to its default state (eg, scroll to top of iframe, stop an embedded video player).

Pitching and Selling Premium Content

Join Kristin Walsifer, Senior Director of Customer Success: Media and Publishing, in this publisher-focused webinar as she explores the power of interactive presentations and their impact on your pitching process. Discover the advantages of interactive content, transform templates into captivating experiences, strategically create tiers of interactive content, and tailor content types to address client KPIs.

Guided Design Course: Intro to Design

Uplevel your design skills and learn how to elevate the engagement of your Ceros experiences by mastering fundamental visual design principles. In this interactive, five-week course, we’ll discuss, analyze, and practice using the essential building blocks of great design in the Ceros Studio.

Mobile Best Practices

In this webinar we’ll take a look at how you can easily create different variants of an experience for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices using the Global Layouts panel. We’ll also go over some best practices recommended by our designers!

On-Demand Sessions

Testing Your Ceros Experience for Accessibility

If you are trying to create an accessible experience, it’s important to know how to test for accessibility. In this webinar, we’ll share the basics of assistive technologies and break down how to ensure your experience is accessible.

Build-Along: SDK Deep Linking

The SDK Deep Linking plugin allows for a parameter to be added to the URL of a published Ceros experience, which will drive a user to a specific anchor point within the Ceros content.

Ceros and Loopio: Improve Win Rates

"The Story of a Winning RFP". In this webinar, Ceros and Loopio will share insider tips and tricks to create winning RFPs. We will cover topics such as creating engaging content and leveraging technology to streamline the RFP process.

Ceros and Your Social Strategy

Think social media and Ceros don’t mix? Think again! Join Ceros’ Social Media Manager, Sandra Salvatierra, and Digital Marketing Lead, Louie Francis to learn how integrating Ceros into your social strategy can optimize your content creation process.

Build-Along: SDK YouTube Control

On a non-Ceros web page, an iframed YouTube video will not pause automatically when it’s out of view. This plugin was built to give you better control to pause YouTube videos when they're hidden so you can achieve a seamless user experience and prevent that annoying after-play.

Designer Series: Effectively Varying Visuals

Through the use of illustration, photography, texture, shape, and animation, our PROs creative will explore the unique and creative ways that you can take your Ceros experiences to the next level.

Ceros for Marketing: Planning Your Best Projects

Optimize the use of Ceros to create success throughout your business. Learn how to work from the ground up to pick the right projects that will provide the most value to your business.

Designer Series: Digital Typography

Join us for our Design Series: Digital Typography, to learn about best practices for text formatting.