Selling Premium Content

In this publisher-focused session, Kristin Walsifer, Director of Customer Success: Media and Publishing, will review the steps to selling interactive campaigns at higher dollar values. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for how to best package and sell premium sponsorships.

The Better B2B Guide: Start with the Humans

Reach the people that make the purchasing decisions (and get them to sign). In this webinar, you’ll learn the secrets of successful B2B campaigns, top trends from the year, and tips to make your content stand out from the crowd.

An Intro to MarkUp: Ceros’ Visual Feedback Platform

In this webinar, we’ll walk through MarkUp, our visual feedback platform. We’ll review best practices for using MarkUp as well as tips for leveraging MarkUp alongside Ceros to help close the feedback loop.

Publisher Strategy: Go to Market

In this publisher-focused small group training session, we'll review the steps to developing a successful go to market strategy. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for how to best package and sell interactive content.

Let Me Share My Screen: Discussing Virtual Events

Discuss your experience taking your in-person event digital and ask fellow Ceros users for their insights on transitioning to virtual. We’ll start by touching on some trends and examples, before moderating a short peer-to-peer conversation with attendees.

Publisher Strategy: How to Pitch Interactive Content

In this small group training, we'll discuss how to use Ceros to improve pitching for clients, what templates will increase innovation and productivity, and how to build compelling social media assets in Ceros that boost engagement and reach.

This Past Year Changed Everything in Design & Marketing: Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Normal

This year brought a lot of change—what does all that change mean for marketers and designers? We’ll explore what it all means and how to navigate the new normal from A-Z.

Seeing Numbers: How to Turn Complex Data Into Visual Stories

In this webinar, Mark Healy and Tri Vo will sit down to discuss their process when it comes to telling stories through data visualization. Healy and Vo will outline how their team collaborates to turn large, complex datasets into engaging, digestible visual experiences.