Content Marketing in Real Estate: Trending Topics & Themes

In this webinar, we’ll outline 4 content trends that we are currently seeing in the real estate industry, as well as illustrate a few examples of how those trends have been carried out by Ceros users. We’ll also explore how COVID-19 has impacted the way that the real estate industry creates & disseminates content.

Digital Strategy: From Static to Experiential

In this small group training, we'll focus on digital strategy and the steps for taking your content from static to experiential. This session will walk through high level strategy for copy, structure, design, and build—while focusing on user engagement, visuals, and interactive opportunities.

Ideation 101: A Think Big Workshop

In this interactive webinar, Senior Content Strategist Daisy Carrington will teach you how to create "out of the box" storytelling that will be more memorable and more engaging for your users.

UX Strategy: Thinking Through Design

This small group training will outline how to start thinking about projects from a user perspective. We'll review UX best practices and guidelines for creating successful, engaging content.

Animate With Ease: Incorporating Movement into Your Content

Don't miss this webinar hosted by Anna Shea, Senior Production Designer (and animation guru) at Ceros! In this session, Anna will review best practices for animating your static content—deep diving into her workflow, applications for advanced techniques, and highlighting how to animate your content with purpose.

Publisher Series: Go to Market Strategies that Work

Join us as we review all the steps to developing a successful go to market strategy. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for how to best package and sell interactive content.

Publisher Series: 2020 Content Trends

Join Adam Sangster, Head of Publisher Revenue, and Kristin Walsifer, Customer Success Team Lead for Publishing, as they sit down to discuss upcoming content trends in publishing. Adam and Kristin will take a look at new and innovative content formats, where to host and promote content, as well as KPIs and how to measure success.

Presenting with Ceros

Join this webinar to learn about the importance of visual storytelling, how to leverage Ceros to create more engaging presentations, and overall presentation tips and tricks to better capture your audience's attention.