Sub-Processor List

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Welcome to Ceros’s Sub-Processor repository page where we maintain a current list of sub-processors authorized to process personal data for Ceros’s services. Ceros performs due diligence on the information security practices and data protection compliance of all sub-processors and requires each to commit to written obligations regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data.

NameRelated service
Amazon Web ServicesAWS Redshift, AWS API Gateway, AWS Kinesis Stream, AWS Lambda, AWS Data Pipeline, AWS ElasticSearch
LookerBusiness intelligence
Rollbar Error tracking service
FastlyContent delivery network
PendoUser tracking and analytics
ZencoderVideo Transcoding
Remove.bgImage processing
Ceros AnalyticsTracking Ceros customer actions
Google Tag ManagerTracking for user sign-ons
MetaBaseUser tracking and analytics reporting
Okta AuthenticationAuthentication provider
UserGemsProspecting software
IntercomChat-based support system
PostmarkEmail service
Digital OceanTest server and automated pilot signup
SlackInternal chat system
HerokuChatbot integration with Slack
Google WorkspaceProductivity and collaboration tools
GongConference call recording and transcription
ZoomConference call software
ClickUp (Mango Technologies, Inc)Project management software
ZendeskEmail support ticketing software
MatillionETL (Hubspot to Redshift)
InvisionUI mocking tool
JiraIssue tracking
Cisco StealthwatchNetwork intrusion detection
QualysNetwork vulnerability scanning
GithubCode versioning service
LinkSquares, Inc.Contract Management Software
SalesloftSales engagement platform
ChurnzeroCustomer Success platform
LogRocketUser Tracking and Analytics

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We're making an update to our list of Sub-Processors. We're adding one (1) new third party to help support our delivery of the Subscription Services. In thirty (30) calendar days the following entity will be added to our list of Sub-Processors:

Entity NameAssociated ServicesPersonal Data ProcessedCountry of ProcessingSafeguards in Place
OpenAIAI powered creative side kick- Users leveraging this product will be asked if they’d like to provide their name and title to further personalize their experience. *This information may be provided at the option of the User and is not required to use this product.*Name (first and last); title.United StatesData Processing Agreement (incorporates SCCs)

As always, all Sub-Processors are vetted for security and have contractual data protections in place with us before any personal data is accessed by them.

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