Ceros Expands Technology Partnerships with Leading Sales Enablement Platforms to Extend Creativity and Innovation

New partnerships support customers with a comprehensive content workflow experience from creation to distribution

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NEW YORK — MAY 04, 2022 — Ceros, the cloud-based, no-code design platform for interactive content, today announced the expansion of its partner ecosystem with leading sales enablement vendors Highspot and Showpad. These partnerships cement Ceros’ dedication to achieving its mission to build an integrated creative suite for all designers and marketers, from enterprise clients to citizen creators.

“Content creators, designers, and marketers recognize Ceros as an essential tool in their creative stack throughout the interactive creative journey — from concept, drafting and review, to final feedback and publishing. They know they need a platform that can evolve to keep up with their creative and marketing demands,” said Simon Berg, CEO. “We see a future where the suite of Ceros products are an essential, irreplaceable part of every creative leader’s day-to-day productivity, empowering them to put forth their brands and engage with buyers in a meaningful way. Through the integration of trusted technology partners, we’re taking concrete steps toward that future every single day.”

By partnering with leading sales enablement platforms Showpad and Highspot, Ceros content can be easily distributed to sales teams within the tools they use every day, as well as make Ceros experiences available offline. These integrations also let Ceros users find everything in one spot, boosting performance by bridging the gap between marketing and sales resources. Showpad and Highspot are available on iOS, Android, browser and Windows, allowing for design around multiple screen sizes to achieve optimal use.

“The Ceros partnership ecosystem is vital to our operations. Its robust offerings mean we have more resources to more easily create high-quality, interactive content in Ceros,” said Meredith Burall, Creative Services Leader, Director, at BDO USA, one of the nation’s leading accounting and advisory firms. “And not just that: We can connect our content immediately to many of the systems we already use, streamlining our marketing efforts and boosting our efficiency. We’re looking forward to these enhanced partnerships as we continue to rely on Ceros as a foundational element in our powerful creative stack.”*

As a leading provider of interactive content, Ceros recognizes the value of robust integrations in forming a fully developed creative stack. To enable marketers and designers to do their best, most streamlined, more creative work, Ceros invested in key strategic partnerships over the past year in design, automation and social media.

Creative & Design Partners

To unlock visual resources for all creatives, Ceros partnered with Getty Images to give designers and marketers the ability to tap into Getty Images’ expansive collection of stock video within the Ceros Studio. This integration enables designers to quickly find, add and edit videos and images without leaving the Ceros Studio, increasing the speed and quality of creation and enhancing marketers’ freedom to test, create and publish digital concepts and experiences on the fly. Similarly, Ceros partnered with the Noun Project to provide users with the ability to tap into the most extensive SVG icon library, and easily add and customize within Ceros experiences.

Marketing Automation Technology Partners

Ceros integrates with leading marketing automation software Adobe Marketo Engage and HubSpot to drive content performance and generate leads. This integration allows Ceros Studio users to easily access and add their Marketo or HubSpot forms directly from the Studio and incorporate them into Ceros experiences. From within these systems, lead-level content engagement can be tracked, incorporated into lead scoring and trigger marketing automation activities based on user activity.

As one of the most-used analytics platforms for tracking web performance, Adobe Analytics gives users a full picture of content performance through its website tracking feature. Through integration with Ceros’ Universal Analytics, users are able to access Ceros experience data directly in the Adobe Analytics platform. Measurable data includes component clicks, form submits, page views and more.

Social Partners

Ceros is a badged business partner of the leading social platforms–including Pinterest and Snap amongst others –enabling advertisers on these platforms to enhance their creative campaigns. These partnerships allow advertisers to leverage Ceros' platform and services for rich, interactive experiences that social users land on after clicking or swiping up on an ad. Through the Ceros platform, advertisers can deploy immersive, mobile-first experiences across their paid social campaigns–including interactive lookbooks, games, and quizzes, among other use cases.

For more information on Ceros’ robust partner ecosystem, please visit ceros.com/partners.

*The views of Meredith Burall do not represent that of BDO USA.

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About Ceros

Ceros is a cloud-based experiential content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create rich, interactive content without code or traditional web development. The Ceros Studio is the only platform of its kind with the ability to produce creative content experiences at scale. Founded in 2012, Ceros has offices in New York and London and is used by many of the world's top brands. Learn more about Ceros at ceros.com and follow it online @cerosdotcom.