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Interactive Content Examples

6 Unique Interactive Content Examples

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Interactive content is catching on like wildfire right now. Brands, businesses, and publications alike are using interactive elements to tell stories in unique and dynamic ways.

It always helps to look at industry leaders for inspiration. Here are 6 of my favorite interactive content examples from the past few months. I hope they spark your imagination and inspire some cool new ideas for your own content program!

[Article] NY Times: The Secret Life of Passwords

NY Times Interactive Article

This fascinating interactive article incorporates long-form editorial content with videos, interactive graphics, and audio clips.

[Biography] Dallas Cowboys – Carter/ Romo

Dallas Cowboys Interactive Biography

The Dallas Cowboys have been killing it on the content front lately with a series of interactive player biographies. This piece explores the backstory of two star players, Quincy Carter and Tony Romo.

[eBook] Intralinks: Modeloff 2015

Intralinks Interactive eBook

This eBook from data security company Intralinks is not only highly educational—it’s also super entertaining because of the animated luchadors. It does a great job of providing valuable content while also promoting their upcoming ModelOff event.

[Quiz] HP Matter: The Energy Issue

HP Interactive Quiz

This simple interactive quiz in HP’s Energy Matters online magazine is informative and visually stimulating. It works nicely within the flow of the article as well.

[Infographic] BBC – Your Life on Earth

BBC Interactive Infographic

BBC created this killer interactive infographic that provides personalized results based on your birth date and height. The data is really interesting, and the animated tiles bring the story to life.

[Magazine] Fidelity: In the Money Fall 2015

Fidelity Interactive Magazine

It might surprise you that a financial institution like Fidelity produces a quarterly interactive magazine for their brand. The brand has been pushing the envelope when it comes to content marketing, and they’ve seen great results for their efforts, including a Content Marketing Award in 2015.

Before you leave: Share your favorite interactive content piece in the comments below!

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