23 Apr
02:00pm EDT

Publisher Series: Go to Market Strategies that Work

Join Kristin Walsifer, Team Lead for the Publisher Customer Success team, and Adam Sangster, Head of Publisher Revenue, to review the steps to developing a successful go to market strategy. Learn best practices, tips, and tricks for how to best package and sell interactive content.

This webinar is part 2 of our 3 part publisher series.

Kristin Walsifer

Kristin is the Team Lead for the Publishing Customer Success team at Ceros. Kristin has been on the Publishing team at Ceros for 2 years and has helped publishing clients operationalize, adopt, and leverage the Ceros platform to create engaging dynamic web content. Prior to Ceros, Kristin has 10 years of experience doing media strategy and sales at various Publishing companies.

Adam Sangster

Adam has been on the commercial team at Ceros for over 8 years—with a focus in the publishing industry over the past 5 years. In his time at Ceros, Adam has worked closely with over 150 different publishing teams, helping them to monetize content across a number of different business units.