15 Jul
11:00am EDT

Incorporating Ceros into Your Workflow

Join us for an exciting webinar to review some of the best practices our PROs team has discovered to help with efficiencies in the studio. Samir and Nicole will be outlining and answering questions that we get from customers daily - such as “How does the PROs team collaborate on projects?“, “How does PROs stay organized?” and more!

This webinar will be a helpful session for larger teams looking to introduce new ideas for incorporating Ceros into their team’s overall workflow.

Samir Bassam Abukhodair

Samir is a senior producer at Ceros. He focuses most of his time with working with customers new to the Ceros ecosystem. He works closely with the Professional Services Team (PROs) to discover a customer’s goals, ideate a concept that aligns with those goals and ultimately, create an experience in collaboration with the customer. As a producer, his role is to facilitate and champion the creative process from initiating the customer contact, collaborating with the PROs and implementing the completed experience with the customer. Samir has been with Ceros for over 3 years and has helped onboard hundreds of new customers into the Ceros ecosystem!

Nicole Shores

Nicole is a Customer Success Manager working with Enterprise customers and large creative teams. Her responsibilities include continued interactive strategy & best practice education, helping companies to determine interactive use case opportunities based on current goals & initiatives, and ensuring the long term success for all of her customers in their Ceros partnerships. Nicole has been with Ceros for over 3 years previously on the sales team and onboarding clients, so she is very familiar with the customer journey as it relates to interactive.