6 May
02:00pm EDT

Ceros Inspiration Series: Sales and Customer Engagement

In this 3 part webinar series, Renee Osgood Corcoran, Head of Customer Success Enablement, will highlight best in class use cases across 3 main stages of the customer journey: Awareness & Lead Generation, Sales Enablement, Internal Comms & Recruitment. If you’re struggling to incorporate interactive content into your current workflow and campaigns, these are the inspiration sessions for you!

In this session, Part 2 of the series, we'll take a look at top examples from Ceros customers using the platform for Sales and Customer Engagement. We'll dive into some examples from customers creating content such as case studies, RFPs, customer education pieces, and more.

Renee Osgood Corcoran

Renee is the Head of Customer Success Enablement at Ceros. Her responsibilities span from helping clients successfully integrate Ceros into their organizations, to developing educational content and best practices to enable the Ceros Customer Success team to better serve clients. Renee has been at Ceros for 6 years, previously holding roles in sales as well as leading a team of Customer Success Managers.