19 Oct
02:00pm EDT

Ceros and Your Social Strategy

Think social media and Ceros don’t mix? Think again! In this 30-minute session, Ceros’ Director of Customer Success, Media & Publishing, and Lead Strategist pair up to deliver actionable advice for how integrating Ceros into your social strategy can boost your social engagement metrics.

Kristin Walsifer

Kristin is the Director of Customer Success: Media and Publishing at Ceros. Kristin has been on the Publishing team at Ceros for almost 5 years and has helped publishing clients operationalize, adopt, and leverage the Ceros platform to create engaging dynamic web content. Prior to Ceros, Kristin has 10 years of experience doing media strategy and sales at various Publishing companies.

Daisy Carrington

Daisy is a Lead Strategist with over a decade of editorial and commercial experience. Before joining Ceros, she led digital and social strategy across several shows at CNN's International HQ. Her expertise includes developing and packaging stories that people are hungry to read.