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How do you demonstrate the value of something that’s off-limits? It’s a little backwards, you know. But when it comes to digital design, some people know their way around platforms and layouts in ways that others don’t. Everybody doesn’t need an all-access pass to large, complex design files that read like foreign languages to them. 

In fact, some people would benefit from far more restricted access. Ceros’ newest product is delivering just that: it’s giving you more by giving you less. Say hello to Editor.

Editor is a Ceros Studio add-on that will help companies scale their content production without having to hire more designers. Editor effectively allows you to restrict some elements of a project, so that non-designers can make changes to designated assets, like text boxes or images, without affecting or even finding their way around the design. With account templates and inclusive editing capabilities, Editor gives each contributor a seat at the table, freeing your design team to do more creative work.

Picture this: a designer creates a sales deck template and saves it in Ceros. The sales team can then use Editor to customize the experience for a specific client without being able to affect the structure of the deck. Now, designers don’t have to be interrupted for quick fixes, and non-designers don’t have to worry about brand guidelines violations trying to manage it themselves. Those are game changers.

Take it from me—I’ve been in that situation plenty of times. I’m a writer and editor, and over the years, I’ve acquired a limited (very, very limited) set of design skills. When I’d catch a typo or ask for a change to a given header, it’d be easier for everybody if I just asked the designer to make the fix themselves. The alternative, of course, was that I’d try to do it myself, and inevitably mess something up, so then they’d have to fix the header and also the thing I goofed.

Making those changes only took a designer a few seconds, but the task always pulled them away from higher-leverage work that should’ve taken priority. With Editor, I can make the changes we need without making the changes we don’t.

Think about the first time you went bowling. Since you didn’t know what you were doing, most of your throws probably ended up in the gutter. With lots of practice, you could become a better bowler, but that doesn’t help you right now—and plus, you don’t really have the time to bowl regularly. So you do what any frustrated kid does: ask for the bumpers, ensuring every toss has a chance. Editor is the bumper that keeps you from throwing a 15 at your 10th birthday party.

Now available to all Ceros Studio users, Editor is the key to making the most of your limited bandwidth and resources.

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