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Tired of sending the same basic, static content to potential customers? Ceros is a content creation platform that allows you to easily create interactive digital experiences, without having to write a single line of code. Make your sales enablement content stand out from the competition by improving your engagement with Ceros.

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No more compromising on your vision. Whether you start with a blank canvas or use one of our templates, simply drag and drop digital assets directly into the studio, or even import design files like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. Then, add animations and interactions using our presets library. Before you know it, you’re up and running.



Once your content is published, drive your audience directly to the experience or embed it anywhere on the web. Ceros is compatible with virtually every CMS and can seamlessly embed in your site to give any page a bespoke look and feel. Easily update your live content in real time, optimize it for search, and get it in front of your audience with one click.



Managing access to design work is as important as managing the work itself. Ceros lets you grant different levels of access, so your team can work together without stepping on each other's toes. Files can then be sorted in an intuitive folder system everyone can understand. Ceros even lets you preload templates with your brand assets and guidelines so everyone stays on the same page.

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Sales Enablement Content

With so much of today’s advertising strategies geared towards digital media, it is important for your business to practice solid content marketing and sales enablement strategies. People are often looking to be engaged from the start, especially when scrolling through digital media.Therefore, your business needs to capture the attention of prospective customers within seconds. 

Above all else, your business’s content marketing strategy should ideally capture customers’ attention and help move your audience towards purchasing your products or services. But what does the term “sales enablement” mean in this context? The sales enablement process is the process of making sure that your business’s salespeople have the resources (like training, guidance, and content) that they need to be successful in closing deals and getting customers to see through with their purchase.

One way to make  your sales enablement strategy successful is to use a sales enablement content strategy. But what is sales content exactly? Sales content is content that is created by marketers but can be used by sales teams to share with potential buyers. This additional content works as the final push to facilitate the purchase of your products or services. Giving your sales team compelling content can help your business not only convert more leads into sales, but also build better and more lasting relationships with customers.

There are many sales enablement articles detailing how to have the “best” sales enablement strategy. However, it is important to note that different approaches work well for different businesses. In general, focusing on showing your prospective customers the most impressive points of your product or service and keeping your pitch short and simple can be very effective in grabbing their attention.

Utilizing a content enablement platform that can help you build attention-holding and compelling content can be effective in drawing in leads and converting them into customers. For this reason, a design platform like Ceros that focuses on helping businesses make engaging content that helps them stand out in digital media can be an extremely useful tool. Using a design platform like Ceros can help businesses improve their sales enablement content and increase their conversions.

Sales Enablement Content Examples

A sales enablement plan can be useful in creating a more effective sales process for your business. There are many examples of sales enablement tools that can help you create or re-structure your current sales enablement framework. That way, you can pursue more effective sales strategies. Platforms such as Ceros can provide you with tools and sales enablement content examples that can help you to create more engaging and interactive content that may increase the number of lead conversions for your business. 

Additionally, utilizing a sales enablement plan template can help you structure your business’s sales plan, especially if you are unsure where to begin. Templates are a great way to find a basic format that you can modify to fit your business while not having to come up with something completely on your own. This can help you not only more quickly implement a new sales enablement content plan, but also discover which templates may work for your business and which may not. Along with many different interactive content templates, Ceros offers many different sales materials examples from their current clients that could give you an idea of what has worked for other businesses.

Sales Enablement Platform

A sales enablement platform is simply a resource that gives your business the tools  to close more deals. Because there are many different tools that can be used to help your business close deals, there are many different types of sales enablement platforms. Depending on the type of tool your business is looking for, there could be multiple platforms that would work to increase your sales. Finding a platform that helps you tell prospective customers your story in a compelling way is key to finding what works well for your business. A great way of drawing in and maintaining the attention of leads is by using interactive content. Interactive content  can help you stand out from your competitors as well as engage your potential customers more deeply.

One great benefit of a sales enablement platform is that it allows your sales and marketing teams to more easily get and stay on the same page. Because these platforms can be a singular location where your teams can access and manage a joint workflow,having both your marketing and sales teams using the same workflow can help to make sure that both teams know which materials are meant for them. In addition, it could help you determine as a business what aspects of your sales enablement strategy are working and which parts could use improvement. 

Sales Enablement Software

The best sales enablement software can help you not only develop strategies for one area of sales enablement, but can also provide a selection of tools that can help you improve your entire sales enablement strategy. The general concept of sales enablement software is to help your business develop a strategy that will help you better motivate, train, and equip your sales team so that they can more efficiently close sales and increase your revenue. A strategy can not only help your sales enablement manager to have a better understanding of your business’s sales but can also help to make sure that both your sales and marketing teams are on the same page as well.

With the continuing popularity of digital marketing, there are now many different sales enablement companies that offer software to help your company improve its sales. There are both online and offline software options available for sales enablement content, each with its own advantages. Online software can sometimes have more options, but offline software can allow you to customize things without needing to have internet access. With Ceros’s software, you can access files both online and offline. This allows you to be able to export any template or experience from the online app to the offline app so that you can edit or view that file without having to worry about internet access.

Sales Enablement Materials

Any materials that your business uses to market and sell your products or services are sales enablement materials. These can include things such as product guides, videos, blogs, and more. Sales content writing would also fall into the category of sales enablement materials. So, using these materials that you are already using to market your business’s products or services, what is a sales enablement strategy that would work well for you?

Implementing new sales enablement ideas—such as interactive content—and even sales enablement activities can give your business a new and fresh approach that can help to increase your sales. Interactive content, in particular, can be a great way to stand out from your competitors and hold the attention of your audience. Because your audience can actively engage with your content, they are much more likely to stay on your site or advertisement longer, giving you more time to persuade them to buy.

Sales Enablement Training

A sales enablement training process can be essential to the success of your business’s sales. There are options on how to accomplish this training process. For example, you can decide to use a software sales course for all of your sales employees, have your sales manager or a few employees get a sales enablement certification, and then create a customized internal training program. Alternatively, you can invite someone in the sales enablement career path to help you train your employees. Whatever option you choose, one thing is sure: the importance of going through sales enablement training cannot be overstated.

This training will help both your sales and marketing teams not only get on the same page but also understand the sales enablement responsibilities such as managing customer relationships and closing sales. Implementing a sales enablement plan in your business requires a few simple steps, but the outcome can be a dramatic change from your current strategies. The first step is to make your pitch and then think about the format you want to use to present your product or service to your audience.

After those steps, you might make a list of your business’s highlights (best-selling products, most convincing selling points for a service, etc.) and then, using those, create an outline. The last two steps are simply to edit your outline and remove anything that doesn’t add value, and then finally test your final experience by giving it to someone who is less familiar with your product or service. 

Sales Enablement Assets

One strategy to implement as you work to revamp your sales enablement content is a sales enablement checklist. Creating a checklist can help your sales team to create an outline and prioritize certain tasks, which can allow you to create a more effective sales enablement strategy in the long run. 

Another extremely useful tool to use in your sales process is interactive content. Using a design platform like Ceros that specializes in helping businesses to create interactive content can help your business to create more engaging content with which your audience can engage. This interactive content could be presentations, infographics, reports, and more. The important part is that there is something interactive that is helping to keep your audience engaged and continue to look further into your product or service.

Another effective use of this interactive content is in sales enablement deliverables. Sales enablement deliverables—including such sales enablement assets as products, consultations, software, and more—can help your business hold the attention of a prospective customer and provide them with a more personalized and in-depth view of your product or service. You might also look into a sales enablement case study to better understand the process at work.