Zarina Stanik

Director of Events & Community

About Zarina Stanik

Zarina has spent close to 10 years navigating the events world. She is currently Director of Events at Ceros, a platform that empowers companies to create digital, experiential content. She holds a degree in Marketing and Economics from Hofstra University and currently resides in New York City. When she isn't working, she enjoys hanging out with her dog, traveling, and marathons.

Allie Bhutani

Sr. Brand Manager

About Allie Bhutani

Allie is a creative leader in the B2B marketing space with an affinity for minimalism and storytelling. She leads creative and branding at Conductor, an SEO SaaS company based in New York. In her free time, she enjoys working as a mentor for designers with the United Nations. Prior to joining the team at Conductor, Allie consulted for PwC and served as Creative Director at a boutique B2B marketing agency. Outside of work you can find her on a yoga mat, Peloton bike or in the park with her dog Cooper.

Danny Hutto

Event Marketing Manager

About Danny Hutto

Danny has an extensive background working with artists on tour as both a merchandiser and a tour manager. After touring for almost ten years, he decided to return to school to get his BA from UC Berkeley. As the Event Marketing Manager at Gong, he leans on his past experiences to continue making #ravingfans at all of Gong's events.

Arielle Aldrich

Sr. Marketing Manager

About Arielle Aldrich

A marketer. Not just a digital, social, or email, marketer. A do it all- even old school print. Arielle has experience in digital, traditional, content, and event marketing, public relations, media buying, business development, and lead generation. Arielle is also an explorer of restaurants and cities, a ""Call Me Maybe"" YouTube star & director, a kindness enthusiast, a professional cheese plate curator, and always the first one on the dance floor.

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