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Ceros is an interactive content platform that allows you to create incredible pieces of content that drive more engagement. From maps and quizzes to presentations and eBooks, the possibilities are endless with Ceros.

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No more compromising on your vision. Whether you start with a blank canvas or use one of our templates, simply drag and drop digital assets directly into the studio, or even import design files like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. Then, add animations and interactions using our presets library. Before you know it, you’re up and running.



Once your content is published, drive your audience directly to the experience or embed it anywhere on the web. Ceros is compatible with virtually every CMS and can seamlessly embed in your site to give any page a bespoke look and feel. Easily update your live content in real time, optimize it for search, and get it in front of your audience with one click.



Managing access to design work is as important as managing the work itself. Ceros lets you grant different levels of access, so your team can work together without stepping on each other's toes. Files can then be sorted in an intuitive folder system everyone can understand. Ceros even lets you preload templates with your brand assets and guidelines so everyone stays on the same page.

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Interactive Map Maker

The internet and interactive marketing play an important role in creating brand awareness and driving revenue. The world today is trending almost completely digital. It’s only logical that advertising agencies market brands through every available online channel. Websites, social media accounts, and video hosting platforms are all places marketers should focus their efforts in order to attract customers. Businesses shouldn’t understate the importance of interactive marketing.

Marketers should aim to create immersive content that offers consumers a chance for interaction. Quizzes and games are examples of popular items that promote interactivity. Giving consumers an experience can create a link in their mind that connects them with a brand, product, or message.

Creating an interactive map can be an effective way to engage users, too. A website or a world map that consumers can click on and interact with the information presented can create a useful and memorable experience for them.

Ceros provides its users with an interactive map maker. Turning digital maps into interactive experiences not only engages people but can also help them find their destination. Whether it is a particular webpage or a location, interactive maps can provide more in-depth information than static maps. An interactive map can allow users to focus on specific areas to facilitate more precise viewing as well as a variety of other functions. There are several goals interactive maps can accomplish. However, interactive marketing aims to provide experiences that hopefully lead consumers to a purchase or a specific call to action. Brands that provide attractive content can increase their chances of gaining potential customers to help increase their revenue. It may not be effective to just create a picture of a map that can’t be clicked on. An interactive map created in Ceros can give consumers an experience they can use.

Create Interactive Map From Image

Maps can help with data visualization. Some people are visual learners and need diagrams to understand ideas and information better. Interactive maps can provide data and statistics in an interactive, informative manner that lets the user control their education on their terms. Nowadays, people want information at their speed, which is what interactive maps will give them.

Designers can create an interactive map from practically any image. Some examples include a picture of the United States, an overhead view of a university, and a house floor plan. An interactive map of the United States might display relevant state data when each state is clicked. An interactive map of a university can help a new student find their way to class. A map featuring a house floor plan can give prospective buyers information about each room, such as the square footage and other dimensions.

Ceros offers resources to teach users how to create interactive maps from images. These resources include templates and examples created by other users of Ceros. Content creators can even view several videos that Ceros made to help designers and marketers create interactive maps. Ceros offers map making software that can create maps that can be edited any time, even after being published. Using a map maker online can create an experience for people with different needs.

Simple Map Maker

Using a simple map maker to create an image can be a useful tool to create a design asset, but adding interactive elements to the image of a map can improve the usefulness of a map image. Ceros has tools that can help designers create a website with interactive map features that will keep users engaged and help convert them. Site visitors can return to a brand because they enjoy a product or because they enjoy the brand’s content. Companies can use interactive marketing strategies to improve branding efforts and to improve interactions between your content and the audience.

Map making software can be elaborate and complex with seemingly limitless features, or it can be as easy as drag-and-drop and one-click publishing. Ceros is a no-code platform, which means its users don’t have to know how to code to utilize its features. Ceros offers its users a custom map creator that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. If users find themselves not knowing what to do, they can view the videos Ceros created to learn what they need in order to move forward. Ceros has the tools and resources marketers need to create maps and various other interactive experiences easily. 

Types Of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a marketing strategy that can be used across many different marketing channels to allow consumers to connect with a company. Channels include websites, social media, and email. Types of interactive marketing can include presentations, infographics, and quizzes.

Interactive presentations and infographics can let consumers quickly and effortlessly digest information. Quizzes can stimulate consumer interest in a product or service as well as provide insight into consumers’ personalities and habits. These are just three examples of interactive marketing. Ceros can help designers create and publish more interactive content that will give consumers an experience they can act on.

With Ceros at their disposal, marketers working in numerous industries can employ and strengthen their brand’s interactive marketing by offering them content creation tools that are easy to use. Interactive marketing means giving an audience something to do instead of giving them chunks of information. Interactions can build a stronger bond between a brand and potential customers. Case studies have shown that people who engage with a brand’s content, whether it be through quizzes or interactive websites, connect better to the brand than they would if shown a simple banner ad or commercial. An increasing number of people crave engagement when they research products and services on the internet.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns

Analytics is simply the analysis of statistics. As they pertain to interactive marketing campaigns, analytics can help marketers gauge how well or poorly their content is faring with audiences. People’s tastes and habits sometimes change. It’s a good practice to stay current with any industry-specific trends in order to keep producing updated content. Interactive marketing strategies that incorporate staying updated with trends can help marketers create more effective experiences that may boost website traffic and increase conversions. 

Ceros can help users track the performance of every experience they’ve created on the platform. Users can view metrics such as:

  • visitors and page views.
  • referral sources.
  • average time spent.
  • video completion rate.
  • click rate.
  • social shares.
  • the page view dropoff by page.
  • the number of clicks on specific objects.

An interactive marketing case study will probably show that frequently monitoring analytics to change content can help improve the engagement rate of each piece of content. It’s an ongoing process that can be performed easily with Ceros. Integrating with Google Analytics, a service that provides statistics for marketing purposes, helps ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is gathered.

Content creation doesn’t stop once an experience is published. Using content creation platforms to check performance analytics is an important component in effective interactive marketing campaign examples. 

Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing can succeed where conventional marketing may not. By providing audiences with something to do, a quiz to take, or a photo to touch, an interactive marketing company can create more than advertisements. They can create experiences for their audience. Experiences can turn an audience into a pool of paying customers, which is the end goal for many companies.

A successful interactive marketing company reviews its content for any performance issues. If they discover any, the content can be edited, or new experiences can be made and published. New experiences can then be monitored for any performance issues.

If marketers are stumped when it comes to creating new experiences, they can go onto the Ceros website to browse all of the interactive marketing examples that have been uploaded. These include templates that can be used to build new, customized content. Marketers can take an interactive marketing example and make something unique to their brand. Using one example of interactive marketing can create the one experience that audiences flock to, potentially raising profits.

Benefits Of Interactive Marketing

The basic characteristics of interactive marketing involve communicating a message to a consumer. The message could be related to retail or more informative, like a map. Improving the engagement rate also boosts how well a consumer absorbs the information relayed in an experience. A consumer might gloss over a block of text. An infographic, however, could catch a consumer’s attention and give them the information they’ll remember. This is one of the significant interactive marketing communication examples.

Ceros provides marketers and designers with a content creation tool and analytic tracker that can help forge the most effective content on the internet. Users can create experiences on the cloud-based software and adjust their projects based on feedback and performance statistics. Creating interactive online content can help build brands and demand for a company’s products and services. In today’s business world, it’s not enough for a company to create a generic piece of advertising. Interactive marketing can drive revenue better than traditional advertising.

Ceros can help marketers enjoy the benefits of interactive marketing. By improving interactive marketing communication between brands and consumers through immersive content, companies will find themselves doing better business than before.