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We have to ask—when will returning to the office be worth it? 

Apart from obvious concerns about health and safety, there are a ton of questions about returning to the office: When? How? Where? However, the less obvious (but possibly more relevant) question is: Why? 

We love our office more—much more—than most companies. And let’s face it: it’s a pretty dope office. But will the things we love about the office (including each other) be there when we’re permitted to return? And if not, should we wait until enough of those things return to make it worthwhile?

We put together an informal checklist for our own consideration—which we’ll update weekly, if not more often—of conditions that we think could and should be met before we return, even when the State of New York says it’s safe to do so. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

So, how ready are we? Here are the factors that Ceros is considering, color-coded by how close we are to meeting the criteria. Your company’s circumstances will certainly be unique and might differ slightly. But this dashboard might help you think beyond the (very important, but safety-focused) CDC guidelines to explore those smaller details that are essential to nurturing and protecting company culture.

Explore the live dashboard below.

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