Improve Your Content Marketing With Ceros

A key to making your content marketing stand out from the crowd—making it more interactive. Ceros is a no-code content creation tool that allows businesses to easily design and publish interactive content that drives more sales and user engagement. From infographics and quizzes to reports and product demos, the possibilities are endless with Ceros.

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No more compromising on your vision. Whether you start with a blank canvas or use one of our templates, simply drag and drop digital assets directly into the studio, or even import design files like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch. Then, add animations and interactions using our presets library. Before you know it, you’re up and running.



Once your content is published, drive your audience directly to the experience or embed it anywhere on the web. Ceros is compatible with virtually every CMS and can seamlessly embed in your site to give any page a bespoke look and feel. Easily update your live content in real time, optimize it for search, and get it in front of your audience with one click.



Managing access to design work is as important as managing the work itself. Ceros lets you grant different levels of access, so your team can work together without stepping on each other's toes. Files can then be sorted in an intuitive folder system everyone can understand. Ceros even lets you preload templates with your brand assets and guidelines so everyone stays on the same page.

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Content Marketing Strategy

As society continues to trend towards a more digital world, people are realizing the importance of creating a content marketing strategy for their businesses. Because of the constant exposure to social media, product and service advertisements, and overall online content, many people do not even register that they are seeing a business’s marketing content. As the digital space continues to become more crowded and more preferred by consumers, a business’s ability to properly market its brand is becoming essential to gaining and maintaining a following. 

But what is content marketing? Content marketing is the continued system of creating relevant content for a brand so that it can be seen by the targeted audience. Essentially, content marketing is what a business does to get the attention of and entice potential customers to engage with their brand—whether that be by purchasing a product or service or becoming part of a community. Content marketing can take many different forms, from anything from billboards to YouTube commercials to an email newsletter. The trick to successful content marketing is to focus on marketing your brand’s content—reaching a broader audience and adding some value to your brand—and not fall into the “sales pitch” pit. 

Content marketing, in general, can be digital or physical, but what is content marketing in digital marketing specifically? Basically, it is the same in digital marketing as it is in traditional marketing. However, the focus is exclusively on the digital world—whether this means utilizing social media outlets, email lists, or paid advertisements.

In order to have successful content marketing for your business, you need to have a content marketing strategy. So, what is content marketing strategy? The content strategy definition can be stated as the system a business uses to plan, develop, and manage its content. While this may answer what a content strategy is, it doesn’t quite answer the question “what is content strategy good for?” Having a good content strategy can help to set your business apart from its competitors and help you reach a wider audience. A good content strategy can help to keep your business continuously creating relevant and valuable content so that it can keep performing at its best.

Content Marketing Strategy Framework

In order to maintain a good content creation strategy, many businesses either develop or use a pre-existing content strategy framework. Content frameworks are essentially planning tools that can help your organization focus on producing the specific content that will be most valuable to your business. These frameworks can help your business stay organized and optimize your content so that you can better understand how your business is performing right now and make the right decisions to develop your content marketing strategy further to help your business perform better in the future. 

Because there are multiple ways to achieve a successful content marketing strategy, there are many different frameworks that can help a business. This being said, just because one particular content marketing framework works well for one business does not necessarily mean that it will work well for another. Some frameworks may focus more on improving your business’s organic search engine results, while others may focus more on building a loyal customer base—or community—around your brand. Regardless of the content marketing strategy framework that you use for your business, one of the most important parts is considering a comprehensive marketing content checklist. This checklist should include the types of content that will be most beneficial to your brand. With this list of desired content in mind, you can draft a more effective content strategy framework that helps you focus on the content that will be most valuable to your business.

Content Strategy Template

Today, as digital marketing has become more and more important to businesses of all industries, many marketing campaigns and content strategies are nearly identical from brand to brand. In order to set your business apart from the competition, it may be a good idea to pursue a different kind of content marketing strategy than the rest. A good way to do this is to change the format of your content. This is where experiential content comes into play. Using a platform like Ceros that helps you to create a different kind of content—one focused on creating better customer experiences—can help your business to dramatically improve your content in marketing plan. 

Implementing a content marketing strategy can be difficult, especially if you are not sure where to begin. Finding and following a content marketing strategy template can be extremely beneficial in this situation—or if you are simply looking for inspiration to improve your strategy—. A content marketing roadmap template can be extremely useful in helping your business incorporate your content strategy into all parts of your business‘s marketing plan, such as the design of your content. With Ceros’ platform, you can find templates of industry-specific content that can help to spark ideas for your own content (as well as provide a customizable template that you can use to create interactive content that is personalized for your business). 

Social Media Content Strategy Template

In today’s society, social media is seemingly at the forefront of everyone’s minds. This is why, for businesses today, a social media content strategy is just as essential as any other type of content strategy. Because people spend so much time on social media platforms, having a known and engaging presence on these platforms can be essential for businesses to thrive. Well-known brands — such as Wendy’s and BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” — not only have social media accounts but use those platforms to interact with their customers (and prospective customers) in a more intimate way. 

However, starting to implement a social media content strategy can be very difficult, especially if your business has no current social media presence. This is where a social media content strategy template can become extremely useful. Using a template or social media content marketing examples can help you to see effective content marketing strategies that are working for other businesses, which can help to improve your content marketing strategy. Just like with social media trends — like widely used TikTok sounds — marketing strategies can oftentimes use the same template over and over without people becoming tired of them. An example of this would be the old Reese’s commercials (“you got chocolate in my peanut butter” and “you got peanut butter in my chocolate”) or the formulaic “Jake from State Farm” commercials.

Content Marketing Strategy Example

Finding the right content marketing strategy for your business can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are starting from scratch. One of the best ways to actually achieve a successful content marketing strategy is to take inspiration from others via a content marketing strategy example. This is why when you are implementing (or improving) your own content strategy, it is incredibly important to look at content marketing strategy examples that could help you better understand what content marketing entails.

Whether this means that you find a template that has a sample content marketing plan for you to customize and make your own, or you are simply taking inspiration from marketing campaigns from other brands, finding a content strategy sample that you can riff off of is an amazing way to begin improving your content marketing strategy. Successful content marketing strategies — such as the continued use of Jake from State Farm, Spotify’s “Wrapped,” or Apple’s “Shot on an iPhone” campaigns — can help you to create an effective content marketing strategy checklist for your own brand. Using a platform like Ceros can help you customize templates and get inspiration from these other content strategies to make them your own.

Content Strategy Example

A good content strategy can help to dramatically improve your business’s online presence. Using different types of content marketing, such as videos, blogs, and experiential content, can help to diversify your content and keep your current and prospective customers interested and engaged in your brand. This is where using a content creation platform like Ceros can become extremely useful. Ceros can help your business create more engaging and interactive content that can lead to increases in dwell times, conversion rates, and click-throughs. 

Implementing a new content strategy can be difficult. This is why taking inspiration from a website content strategy example can be an incredibly valuable tool. A website or social media content strategy example can not only provide your design and content teams with more inspiration and ideas for formatting your content, but also help your brand be more desired by consumers. For example, if you are using Spotify’s “Wrapped” campaign as inspiration, you may want to create more personalized content for your customers. Maybe instead of sending out a generic email newsletter, you use tools like the Ceros platform to create a more personalized (based on customer data) interactive newsletter that is more appealing and relevant to your customers.

How To Create A Content Strategy

Creating a successful content strategy for your business and, of course, understanding how to create a content strategy can be challenging — especially if you do not have a base to work off of. This is why using a content strategy template or example can be a great starting point for your own content strategy. With a platform like Ceros, you can see real templates and examples of content that other brands have used. This can give your design and content teams inspiration to create more valuable content for your own brand. Using many different content strategy tools—such as the no-code Ceros design platform—can help you to create a more interactive and engaging experience for your customers. 

With templates and guides on how to create content for your brand that will engage your current and potential customers, the Ceros platform can help your brand greatly improve your customers’ experience with your content. This can help you to overall improve your brand’s online presence and help you to continue attracting new and loyal customers.