What's the story?

There’s a reason why airlines call their free miles programs “loyalty” programs. People love to get free flights and will stick with an airline if they feel that airline gives them the best opportunities for free travel.

Competition in the airline industry is fierce and winning and keeping customers through these programs is enormously important. When it came time for Virgin Atlantic to create a major marketing campaign in support of their newest loyalty programs, they chose Ceros as the platform upon which it would be built and launched.

The two loyalty programs, Flying Club and Flying Co, were complex, offering multiple benefits. To fully explain these benefits and inspire customers to embrace them, Virgin Atlantic decided to create a major new brand engagement and marketing piece: The Little Red Book.

The Little Red Book was an interactive online brochure that allows customers to browse all the benefits and partners in one place, taking members on a simple journey through Flying Club and explaining Flying Co. To be effective, it had to be attractive, engaging and intuitive.

33,000 unique visitors

Resulted in 22,000 click-throughs to the website in the first month.

Absolutely no coding

The Ceros platform allowed Virgin Atlantic to create exactly the kind of brochure they wanted and to create it with absolutely no need for coding.

• Clear visual navigation in the brochure made it simple for members to find exactly what they were looking for.
• Tracking tools allowed Virgin to precisely monitor and analyze user behavior.
• Deep links from emails to different parts of the brochure allowed Virgin Atlantic to support areas of the business when they needed extra traffic and push different messages to the right audience at precisely the right time.

It didn’t take long to see the impact of the Little Red Book:

There was an immediate jump in Flying Co registrations, with many new members citing the Ceros-driven brochure as their reason for joining.The Little Red Book received over 33,000 unique visitors in its first month alone, resulting in 22,000 click-throughs to the Virgin Atlantic website. Using Ceros tracking tools, it was determined that those click-throughs resulted in 205 purchases.

The bottom line? Over $250,000 in revenues directly attributable to the (Ceros-driven) Little Red Book.