About Newscred

NewsCred is a content marketing powerhouse. Their platform is designed to support content creation, sourcing, publishing, and tracking, so it’s no wonder that their own content marketing program is killer. They produce consistently top-notch assets for their audience and lead the pack when it comes to exploring innovative content marketing trends.

The Challenge: Big Vision, Lack of Bandwidth

As someone who works day in and day out with marketers, NewsCred deeply understands the value of good content. However, like many young tech companies, they have a pretty small marketing team and only one dedicated designer to fulfil all of their marketing needs. NewsCred wanted to add more dynamic, interactive assets to their content mix, but knew they couldn’t pull it off on their own.

They soon discovered Ceros, and the team signed on shortly after.

The Solution: A Flexible Platform & Creative Resources

Leveraging Ceros’ platform and creative services team, NewsCred was able to break out of the same-old, same-old content marketing mold and start producing the kind of innovative content they envisioned.

“Ceros gives us the freedom and flexibility to create interesting, visually compelling content that we wouldn’t normally have the tools or bandwidth to create,” says Amber van Natten, Managing Editor at NewsCred. She and her team also love the granular analytics that Ceros provides on each piece of content.

Not only is NewsCred thrilled with the content they’re creating in Ceros—their customers and prospects love it, too. Their audience has been blown away by how slick, modern, and forward-thinking interactive content can be.

“When people see the stuff we’ve built in Ceros, they’re like ‘What is this? It’s so cool!’ It definitely stands above and apart from your standard B2B PDFs,” says Amber.

The Results: Increased Engagement

On their first interactive asset built with Ceros, The Power of Visual Storytelling, NewsCred saw incredible results for their content marketing program. Not only were they able to leverage Ceros’ creative services team to put the piece together in just a few days, but they also drove:

Their related native content on AdWeek was also the top-performing sponsored content placement they’ve ever run for their program in terms of views and leads generated.