The Brand

Monsoon is a fashion house and retailer whose customer base are sophisticated women (and their children). Their collections are sourced from the Far East, with exotic designs that have a folk influence while remaining refreshingly cosmopolitan.

The Problem

Monsoon was struggling with an inefficient and time consuming design and delivery process for their marketing and advertising content. Basically, when the marketing team presented an idea for a new campaign, landing page, feature, flash sale or other campaign, the designer would use Photoshop to create the design and then pass the design over to front-end developers who would be tasked with putting that content into a form that could be transmitted digitally to a maximum possible audience. This process, they know, was extremely costly both in budget (for the front-end developers) and in time (lost opportunities).

8x Quicker

Monsoon's in-house dev team took 8 hours. Their designers on Ceros took just 1.

The Dream

Monsoon felt that if they could find a tool or set of tools that would allow them to design more creatively, engagingly and entertainingly and do it without the need for developers, they could not only create higher quality content, but produce that content in greater quantity and at a reduced cost.

The Test

The Monsoon marketing team came up with the idea for an elegant content piece to be called “Festival Fever.” The designers handed their assets (all of the design elements) to their in-house developers along with a detailed brief on how they wanted the content experience to function (animations, links, etc.). Simultaneously, the designers themselves used the same assets, relied on the same brief and created the same content experience working with the Ceros platform.

The Result

Both created content experiences that met the specifications laid out in the brief. The difference? It took the in-house development team eight hours to get the job done. The designers, working on the Ceros Platform, did it in exactly one hour!

The Present and the Future

Having seen such a convincing demonstration of the power of Ceros to not only create engaging brand content experiences but to design, create and distribute that content across web, tablet and smartphones without the need for any coding or developers, Monsoon was hooked.