Inspiring Healthcare

When it comes to awe-inspiring stories, few have as much of an impact as those that tell of the strength and power of the human spirit. And as a full-scale healthcare network with three hospitals, outpatient care centers, dozens of primary care and pediatrics offices, and a world-class rehabilitation network, Philadelphia’s Einstein Healthcare Network has plenty of those stories to share.

Armed with a small team of storytellers, Einstein’s Digital Marketing team is responsible for sharing these stories across multiple distribution channels on a daily basis.

“Our team challenges itself each day to create content our audiences are looking for, and we work hard to understand what channels are best suited for each type of content piece,” explains Einstein’s Web Director, Len Matty. “We decided to partner with Ceros because we needed a better way to create visually appealing web experiences, that could help us tell some of the great stories happening here at Einstein.”

Prior to when they began using Ceros in 2015, the team used standard CMS templates to host and display their content. While these simple and generic templates worked, they lacked a level of immersion that the team was after—a level that elevated and represented them as a sleek and innovative brand. Today, the team often begins their content brainstorm sessions with “What can we create in Ceros?”

“After the successful launch of our Perspectives blog, we looked at certain engagement metrics and realized we needed to present some of our content in more interactive ways, beyond just written articles shared out on social. We needed a differentiator, and Ceros is just that,” explains Len. “It’s the difference between an ordinary approach to content marketing, and a storytelling focused digital plan that is influenced by new technology and inspired by creative solutions.”

While the team first began using Ceros to elevate static infographics into interactive experiences, they have since been using the platform to create everything from a digital interactive magazine consisting of their top-performing content from their award-winning blog to informative B2B content for promoting their network to a nationwide community of medical professionals. Further, the team uses Ceros Analytics to measure the success of their content and determine how to best create future content for different audiences.

But regardless of where their content ends up getting shared, the most significant reason they turn to Ceros continuously is for the ability to tell visually-rich and engaging interactive stories with ease.


“One of the more recent Ceros projects we did, was the creation of a MossRehab microsite, for a targeted professional audience. This site, which was built as a destination filled with educational resources for physiatrists working in physical medicine and rehabilitation, was the cornerstone of a highly successful digital campaign. Not only was the content well received, but the way in which it was packaged in an interactive Ceros experience, is what truly set it apart. It’s another high-quality content showpiece, powered by Ceros, that represents how Einstein truly is more than medicine.”