Where We Began

When Chloe & Isabel came to Ceros, they had three challenges they were looking to solve:

• Empower merchandisers by boosting referral traffic to their boutiques
• Supply viral content to merchandisers with limited cost and time
• Enable merchandisers to sell on any device

Chloe and Isabel selected Ceros for the software’s ability to enable their design team to create interactive content with no developers. With Ceros they were able to:

• Increase sales, referral traffic, and social shares for merchandisers
• Create all content with their in-house design team
• Solve the problem with a low cost, high velocity solution that unlocked creativity without developers

2X Conversion to Checkout

The Results

• 18,000 views in the first month
• 3:20 minutes on average spent per visit
• 40% viewed on mobile
• 2X conversion to checkout