Our mission is to change the way brands communicate with and inspire their customers.

Innovation flows through our veins, fuels our work and even invades our dreams. We’re designers, developers, strategists, writers, artists, visionaries and disruptors, but we all share a single passion for creating extraordinary and inspiring products that challenge the status quo.

We have the honor and pleasure of working with brands and companies who share that passion. With our tools in their hands, clients are free to create brand messaging that not only engages their customers, but captivates and inspires them as well.

Where the buck stops.

The Ceros core leadership team brings to the table decades of experience in the fields of technology, design, marketing, retail and publishing.

Simon Berg

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Simon’s career path has taken him from “go-fer” to C-suite, but he retains the hunger, tenacity and dedication to constantly challenge himself and his team to go to the next level. Involved in the creation of the Ceros platform from Day one, Simon has helped to shepherd Ceros through a host of upgrades, innovations and revolutions. He admittedly fixates on revolutionizing the way brands can use technology to communicate with and mobilize customers.

Paul Fifield

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder

When the dotcom boom hit England hard in 2000, Paul couldn’t even wait to finish his final year of computer science studies to jump aboard. He joined a startup and never looked back. With an artist’s soul, a marketer’s savvy and an entrepreneur’s drive, Paul has a keen understanding for how business gets done and done effectively in the digital age. Paul has had a pivotal role in Ceros’ abilities to bring in a client base that includes many of the biggest brands in the world.

Dominic Duffy

Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Beginning in the late 80s with tech pioneer Texas Instruments, Dominic’s has pretty much had a front-row seat to the digital revolution. In an age of specialization, Dominic is widely recognized as an expert in the convergence of technology and commerce. Dominic possesses a rare combination of technical, editorial, financial and managerial skills. All of these come into play as he heads Ceros’ efforts in the United Kingdom.

Ryan Scheuermann

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Something of a prodigy in the field of software development, Ryan began his career building Java e-commerce solutions for the likes of L.L. Bean and IBM when he was just 16. By 22, he had founded his own web solutions company. In the ensuing years, he has been involved in building the sophisticated technology behind numerous major projects including, of course, the Ceros platform.

We hire for talent, not location.

As a company that works collaboratively and often remotely, we have the luxury of hiring people from anywhere in the world. If you have the talent, the drive and the spark, we don’t care where you live, we want you.

Investors and advisors.

Our investors and advisors include a combination of web pioneers, tech-savvy investors and people who just “get” the notion of innovation in the digital age.

Greycroft Partners

Greycroft Partners, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, is a venture capital partnership formed to invest in promising digital media companies, including both business and consumer-focused ventures.

Fuse Capital

Fuse Capital is a leading investment firm that focuses on digital media and communications. The firm brings a unique approach to investing by bringing not just financial capital, but also human capital to its investment companies.

Brian Alvey

In 1995, Brian designed the first TV Guide web site and helped Business Week move from AOL to the web. Since then he has created or co-created many successful brands including Engadget, Autoblog, Joystiq, Cinematical, ComicMix, Meet The Makers, Crowd Fusion and Blogstakes – and built all of the platforms that powered them.

Marc Andreessen

Best known as the inventor of the Web browser, Mosaic, Andreessen has been one of the most formidable figures of the Internet for the last two decades. His investments have included Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Digg.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is best known today as the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks franchise. His roots, though are in technology and the digital world. He co-founded MicroSolutions in 1983 (sold to CompuServe) and Broadcast.com in 1995 (sold it to Yahoo!).

Ben Horowitz

Co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm created to support the needs of today’s technology-focused entrepreneurs. Horowitz cofounded Loudcloud, later renamed Opsware Inc., with Marc Andreessen in 1999 and served as CEO of the company before it was acquired in 2007 by Hewlett-Packard.

Don't take our word for it.

“Ceros allows us to focus on creating a great experience without having to worry about the technology involved behind it.”

Alex Bradbury – B&Q

“Without Ceros, The Conran Shop would not have been able to achieve such results without significant investment in both technology and resource.”

Charlotte Gilmore – The Conran Shop

“Ceros is perfect for bringing the Peugeot brand to life across multiple channels.”

Alison Stewart – Peugeot

We wouldn't be here without them.

Creating a company that challenges the status quo takes the work of many talented people, some of whom may not be directly involved in the business, and others who have now gone on to different endeavors.

In recognition of their contributions to Ceros and their lasting influence, we'd like to thank:

Craig Wood
C.K. Sample III
Clive Jacobs
Tom Moloney
Stuart Benson
Dilip Keshu

We'd also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of:

Chris Allnutt, Nick Ascione, Doug Babst, Sam Braff, Lynette Campbell, Russ Chimes, John Durkin, Eric Dennis, Michiko Diby, Jonathan George, Cedric Gore, Michelle Grover, Clay Hinson, Kevin Irlen, David James, Alex Johnson, Kenneth Jørgensen, Pat Kennel, Jen Leach, Gary MacDonald, Blake Marchewka, Tom Molyneux, David Nguyen, Michele Ong, Raul Reynoso, Andy Scholz, Tony Stark, Eris Stassi, Chris Swenson, Jay Trivedi and David Woods.