We strive to inspire creativity through liberating technology

In 2012, the Ceros team set out to disrupt the world of content marketing—a world that shackled designers and suffocated content creators with subpar solutions that sucked all creativity out of the process. To truly inspire their customers with great interactive content, brands were forced to undertake custom development work that was complicated, time-consuming, and unscalable. Ceros was created to stop the insanity.

Our interactive content marketing software empowers brands and businesses to reach, engage, and convert more customers with interactive content. Now, designers and marketers can collaborate to create dynamic, shoppable experiences that work seamlessly on the web and mobile—without requiring developer resources.

Of course, disruption isn’t a one-and-done deal. As we hear feedback from our customers, we’re constantly refining what we do to solve more problems and provide more room for creativity. We’d love to hear what challenges you’re facing and how we can help you tackle them. 

Investors & Partners

  • Sigma
  • Greycroft
  • StarVest Partners
  • Mark Cuban
  • Brian Alvey

Meet the Team

  • Simon Berg


  • Matt Gelb

    VP of Finance & Operations

  • Dominic Duffy


  • Doug Cullen

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Matthew Wellschlager

    VP of Marketing

  • Brian Abent

    Head of Product

  • Renee Osgood

    Account Director

  • Gert Ford

    Director Business Intelligence

  • Dan Fahy

    New Business Director

  • Ashley Taylor Anderson

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Alfonso Curto

  • Adam Sangster

    New Business Director

  • Aaron Wood

    Quality Assurance Specialist

  • Brad Hess

    Senior Digital Marketing Manager

  • Daniel Bingham

    Senior Developer

  • Dan Wash

    Senior Developer

  • Elina Strizhak

    Office Manager

  • Elizabeth Slim

    Customer Success Associate

  • Erika Pelser

    UX Designer

  • Kevin Croxton

    New Business Director

  • Kirk Everett

    Senior Developer

  • Katy Haas

    Interactive Content Specialist

  • Kaity Ng

    Financial Controller

  • Tom Barrett

    Product Evangelist

  • Lauren Ward

    Graphic Designer

  • Alan DeLong

    Senior Developer

  • Graham Daley

    Quality Assurance Specialist

  • Son Le

    Senior Developer

  • Noel Bennett

    Senior Developer

  • Keegan Forte

    Director, Marketing & Business Development

  • Drew Horine

    Director of Support & Training

  • Brian Ray

    Senior Developer

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