Endless possibilities with the Ceros Studio

Create anything with Ceros from scratch with just a blank canvas and your ideas. We also have templates if you prefer a starting point for your creativity.

Layout your design and bring it to life

Simply drag and drop your assets onto the canvas and layout your design. Ceros supports almost any asset - images, video, fonts, and more.

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Be animated, go interactive

Add animations and interactions from our extensive library with a couple clicks to showcase your content exactly the way you intended.

Embed anything

From YouTube videos to Spotify playlists to Instagram posts, the Studio makes it easy to drag and drop your favorite web content into your design.

Preview in real time

See your Ceros experiences come to life in real time with our preview capability, giving you the full view into how your creations are coming together.

Publish your experiences to the internet, instantly

Experiences can live on the web with a single click, or embedded into other websites. With cloud-based technology, updates are immediate no matter where you are.

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