Zarina Stanik

Director of Events & Community

About Zarina Stanik

Zarina has spent close to 10 years navigating the events world. She is currently Director of Events at Ceros, a platform that empowers companies to create interactive, immersive digital content. She holds a degree in Marketing and Economics from Hofstra University and currently resides in New York City. When she isn't working, she enjoys hanging out with her dog, traveling, and marathons.

Jess Fram

Visual Design Specialist

About Jess Fram

Jess Fram is a visual design specialist with over ten years’ experience. For the past two years, she’s helped support the content marketing team at PTC in designing engaging and informative pieces of content such as: ebooks, infographics, landing pages, promotional banners, and even a game. In her free time, Jess enjoys exploring her home state of Maine, playing video games, and taking too many photos of her two greyhounds.

David Dumais

Visual Design Strategist

About David Dumais

David Dumais is a Visual Design Strategist at PTC with over ten years experience in graphic design and marketing. He's always thinking about innovative ways to create engaging content and helping his team make awesome things on tight deadlines. David loves a good coffee, as well as adding to the library of original musical masterpieces no one will ever hear with his wife and two daughters.

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