You asked and we answered! We’re excited to release a few small improvements that we know you’ve been waiting for…here’s what’s new:

Saved Color Palette

This feature allows you to designate certain colors as Experience Colors that you can leverage while designing. Now you’ll be able to quickly choose your specific brand colors from your saved palette. Simply choose the color you want to add to your palette and press the plus sign under Experience Colors to add it. To remove a color from your palette, you can right click on it and select remove from the drop down. Additionally, if you create a copy of your experience, the color palette will also carry over to the copy.

Canvas Adjustment Tool

Have you ever been working on a Ceros experience and realize you need to add or remove a bit of canvas in the middle of your experience? Depending on your layout this could mean a bunch of work to unhide and unlock all layers, multi-selecting thousands of assets and manually moving them around the canvas. Not an impossible task, but kind of a pain. If only there was a way to more easily insert canvas space exactly where you need it…

Introducing the Canvas Adjustment Tool! This new feature allows you to add or subtract a portion of your canvas. All objects, hotspots, guides, anchors, and anything else below the area you designate will be shifted downward or removed (if removing canvas) quickly allowing you to manipulate the canvas exactly where you need it.

Highlight Selected Object in Layers Panel

Now, when you select anything on your canvas, your layers panel will automatically scroll to where that asset lives amongst your layers. If your object is buried within groups or folders and a long list of layers, the layers panel will automatically scroll to it, open any nested folders or groups it is living inside of, and highlight it. Check out this gif to see it in action:

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • Loading spinner when necessary: Previously, our load spinner only appeared on the first page of an experience. Usually this is not a problem, but if a user then navigates to a page that hasn’t loaded yet—say, page 20 of an experience—they would be greeted with just a blank page while it loads. We’ve fixed that and now they will get the loading spinner as expected.
  • Image optimization: Continued efforts have been made to improve image optimization in the studio.