Improving experience performance is the theme of Release 5.70! Image optimization, shorter load times, and accelerated text rendering are just a few key components that make up this release. Keep reading to find out how these new updates will improve your experience performance and decrease initial load times.

Image Optimization & Handling

We are rolling out a more efficient process for resizing images on the fly for different screen sizes. Previously, we would serve up 1 of 4 potential image sizes for varying screen sizes. This sometimes resulted in a large image being served up unnecessarily. Now, using our new process, we can serve up the exact image size and resolution necessary for that users’ screen. This enables us to decrease load times and overall file size of your experiences.

Experience Performance Tab

Taking a look at the settings window in the studio, you’ll notice a new tab along the left hand side called Experience Performance. This tab includes options to toggle on Progressive Image Loading (previously called Optimize Loading), as well as two new options to improve performance and load times in your experience. Progressive Image Loading will remain toggled on by default, while the two new options below will be toggled off initially. The two new options are:

Lazy Loading:

This feature will shorten the amount of time that your viewer spends waiting for your content to load. Typically, Ceros loads the first and second page of your experience completely before displaying the first page of the experience. With this option toggled on, Ceros will display the experience as soon as everything within the initial browser viewing area loads, and then will continue to load the rest of the experience from the top down thereafter. This will shorten load times for experiences across the board.

Accelerated Text Rendering:

This new feature will improve both initial load times and in-experience performance. With accelerated text rendering, text components within experiences will be positioned in the browser by line, rather than single characters. It is important to note though that by enabling this setting, you may notice some slight discrepancies in text placement between the design studio and the final experience.

These two new settings will be toggled off by default. Open up your settings window and check the boxes in the Experience Performance tab to turn them on!

Other Updates & Enhancements

  • Copy Embed Code Error: We’ve fixed a bug that occasionally caused an error when copying the experience embed code after publishing.