Full-Screen Studio

Distraction free mode. The studio now has a full-screen option. Click the full-screen icon in the top right of the studio to strip out noise and distraction while you design. The browser toolbar and the support chat widget will fade away, so you can maximize the space you have to manage the canvas and focus on your design.

Layer Panel & Toolbar Icons

The Layer Panel and Toolbar got all new icons. Aside from looking really sleek, we hope the addition of supporting icons in the Layer Panel will help to quickly identify and find the elements you are looking for in your Layer Panel list.

Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • Saved Interaction Targets: now when you change your interaction trigger or action your selected targets will be saved. It’s a time saver when you are feeling indecisive.
  • Project & Experience Thumbnails: because of a bug Project and Experience thumbnails for copied experiences were not updating, making it hard to identify stuff in the Admin. Now all thumbnails will update as your experience changes.
  • Flickering Text Bug: some users were noticing flickering text while scrolling on mobile experiences, we’ve fixed it!
  • Font baseline parity: text was not aligning properly between the player and the studio, but a fix in this release has it all straightened out.