The Ceros HQ has moved! And while we packed up our desks to move down the block we also took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning, both in our office and in our code. This release is full of bug fixes and code cleanup to help keep Ceros running smoothly.

Here’s what we’ve updated…

IE9 & IE10 No Longer Supported

We’ve officially discontinued support for published Ceros Experiences in Internet Explorer 9 and 10 this month. Ceros content won’t display in these browsers and instead, viewers will receive a message like this …


Microsoft pulled the plug on IE 9 and 10 in January of 2016, and now only supports IE 11 and Edge. Since these older browsers are no longer being updated or monitored for bugs or security issues, it’s nearly impossible for our team to resolve issues that arise on these platforms. Additionally, we’ve also encountered a number of loading and display issues on these browsers that negatively impacted the user experience.

The decision to end support for these browsers means more time and focus spent on developing new features, instead of fixing old features to work with old browsers.

Unsupported Browser Redirect

You want to make sure all of your users are having the best possible experience when they view your content. So while we are no longer supporting IE9 and IE10, we are now giving you more control over the unsupported browser experience.

Open the Experience Settings in the studio to find the new ‘Redirect URL’ field. With this new option, you can specify a redirect URL for visitors using an unsupported browser. Instead of seeing our standard messaging, users that can’t view your Ceros content due to an older browser can now be redirected.

Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • Blurry Fonts in Safari – Text components are now clear and crisp in Safari where previously they may have appeared blurry.
  • Page Swiping on Mobile Chrome – Users were unable to swipe between pages on mobile chrome. Now fixed!
  • ‘Show’ Interactions with hidden Folders – ‘Show’ interactions were incorrectly showing components inside hidden folders.
  • Experience URL Reuse – Updating an experience URL to one that was previously used continue to direct users to the original experience.
  • China – Pages were taking an extra 5 seconds to load in China due to a problem with our icons. Also fixed https and upgraded the jquery version.