Have you or a loved one been injured by careless design software? Has a lack of keyboard shortcuts left your wrists and fingers aching? This month’s release is here to help.

Visibility and Locking Keyboard Shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts make it easy to quickly lock or hide objects. These are especially useful when you’re working on layered designs, like pop-ups or rollovers.

  • Comma (,) toggles visibility
  • Period (.) locks and unlocks

Option + click a Layer to select all the objects in the Layer, then use Comma (,) or Period (.) to update all objects in your selection with one keystroke. You can also use Shift or Command to select multiple objects across any range and lock or hide them in bulk.

Hotspot Modifier Key

Getting all your Hotspots laid out and interactions set up can be a gratifying feeling. Until you need to make edits to your designs. Suddenly, Hotspots are a pain and require constant shuffling or locking to get to the objects behind them.
Hold Control to hide all Hotspots on your canvas. While Hotspots are hidden, you can select, move and edit objects behind them without affecting the Hotspot. Release Control and your Hotspots will reappear.

Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • Auto-expanding text boxes – Text boxes will now expand vertically to fit text as you type. No more losing your punchline in hidden overflow text!
  • Mobile Safari Path Hotspot – Hotspots created using the Hotspot pen tool were not as responsive on mobile Safari, but are now fixed.
  • Hidden Smartgroup Layers – Several experiences broke when layers that were hidden within a Smartgroup were suddenly visible. The bug has been fixed and all affected experiences have been restored.
  • Hidden Layers Now Animate On Scroll After Unhidden – Hidden layers that were set to animate when shown and when scrolled into view were not animating.

Coming Soon to Ceros

  • Upload your Fonts – upload your fonts directly to Ceros and use them in your experiences. We’ve worked long and hard on this project and we are really excited to be putting some last touches on it before rolling it out this spring!
  • Letter Spacing – get more control over your text too with tracking/kerning. Looking to introduce this functionality shortly after we release the Font Uploader