Two months into the new year and we’re feeling energized as ever! We’ve been working extra hard on our resolutions and breaking ground on some awesome new features to make working in Ceros easy and more efficient. While we aren’t quite ready for any big reveals yet, we couldn’t wait to share at least some of the goodies with you.

Here’s what’s new!

Layer Folders

Staying organized is crucial to perfecting your Ceros experience. Now you can organize your Layers into Folders. Highlight the Layers you want to group and click the Folder icon at the bottom of the Layer Panel. Collapse and expand Folders to help isolate relevant Layers in your Layer Panel as you work to minimize distraction.

Distribution Options

Previously you were able to evenly space a selection of objects with the horizontal and vertical distribution tools. Now, you can also distribute objects by their edges to make the left/right/top/bottom edges equidistant from each other. Use the Selection/Canvas toggle to distribute objects across the entire canvas.

Select at least 3 objects on the canvas to see the Distribute options in the Layer Panel.


Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • iOS Crashes: We’ve made updates to the way we handle large media files across different browsers to resolve crashes users have experienced on their iOS devices.

If you experience crashes, please reach out in the Support widget. They’ll help you mitigate the issue and, in the process, will be able to gather information to help us fix the issue.

  • Text Performance: The studio is now more responsive when working with large blocks of text. You’ll notice less lag when scrolling and typing.
  • Looping Slideshows & Carousels: Repeated On-View interactions on objects that, themselves, were being shown and hidden by On-View interactions (common when building slideshows/carousels), weren’t repeating. Now they do!
  • Repeat Exit Animations: Objects with exit animations set to repeat will now reappear on scroll and repeat as they should.
  • Improved Video Encoding: Some customers were experiencing blurry videos despite uploading a high-quality source. We improved our video encoding settings to deliver the optimal video quality at any connection speeds.
  • Optimized Network: An extra layer of caching and an optimized network for our studio and published experiences to ensure that they are served as quickly as possible.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback and vote on existing ideas via our Ideas Portal anytime!