While everyone else was off enjoying the holidays, our product team was chained to their keyboards working on new features. Okay, that last part wasn’t true. But we did get some nice improvements developed and rolled out, even with all of the festivities in December.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new, plus a teaser of great things to come in the next few releases!

New Video Metrics

In addition to Views, you can now see Average Consumption Rate (how far people made it) and Completion Rate (how many people watched 90% or more) for every video you upload into the Studio.

You’ll find this data under Engagement Analytics > Video Engagement in your Analytics Dashboard:

Video Play Complete Rate

Important Note: We’ve only been collecting consumption and completion data since June 2016. If you have Experiences that went live prior to that date, you’ll receive a more limited data set (or no data) in the Dashboard for these metrics.

Analytics for externally-hosted videos brought in from YouTube, Vimeo, or another player using the Embedded Object feature will remain in your third-party platform.

Align to Canvas

Before, you could align objects to a selection. Now, you can also align objects in relation to the canvas!

This new option is conveniently located in the Inspector Panel with the Align & Distribute options:

Video & GIF Variants

We’ve adjusted the way we create video variants, as well as the number of variants we create, to put our Experiences on a New Year’s diet so they load more quickly.

Additionally, we decided to stop creating GIF variants to prevent processing issues that were happening in the Studio. We’re still on the hunt for a long-term fix, but for now, you can rest assured that your GIF will display at the original quality on all screen sizes.

Default Experience for Vanity Domains

In the past, Ceros Experiences could only be set to pages under a vanity domain (e.g. www.subdomain.mywebsite.com/experience-1). Now, you can also set a default Ceros Experience for the root level of your vanity domain (e.g. www.subdomain.mywebsite.com).

Additional Updates & Enhancements

  • Tailored Text Bounding Box: We’ve removed that annoying space below your text so the bounding box comes right up to the baseline of the type. This will help with alignment and selecting objects close to text boxes. Note: If you’ve created any multi-column text boxes, you may see text flow changes based on your original text box bounding. These changes will only go live if you republish an Experience.
  • Selectable Guides: Double clicking a Guide will no longer take you into Guide Mode to help minimize interference while designing. You can click and hold a Guide in the Ruler to see the position indicator.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Lines: Finally! You can now make a horizontal or vertical line by holding the Shift key as you draw. Lines will also snap to 45-degree angles as you draw up and down.

Coming Soon to a Ceros Near You

  • Custom Fonts: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Trust us, it’s actually happening. You’ll soon be able to upload your own Custom Fonts in the Studio.
  • Layer Folders: OCD designers, rejoice! Next release, you’ll be able to organize your epic list of Layers into convenient folders.

Share Your Feedback

Have an idea for a new product feature or improvement? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can share feedback and vote on existing ideas via our brand new Ideas Portal anytime!