Pan to Selection Feature

Gone are the days of digging through your long-form experience to uncover a specific asset! With this release, you can now immediately focus on any object by selecting it in the Layers Panel and pressing the spacebar. This update is also useful for isolating and panning to objects hidden beneath visible layers or purposefully hidden as popups.

Quick Edit Delay/Duration Update

You can now make quick edits to delay and duration timings on a selected animation without opening the full edit animations panel.

Save Interaction Button Update

When applying or making changes to an interaction, the Save Interaction button is now pinned to the base of the Interactions panel – a helpful reminder to save your interaction as you work.

Pinned Hover States Update

Some users had encountered issues with pinned hover states, most notable when creating dropdown navigation menus. We’ve resolved an issue where the hover menu would fail to display if your viewers scrolled down the page.

Zombie Images

We resolved an issue related to deleted images appearing persistently in the layers panel.

Cropping Image not the same as Crop Selection Bug

We resolved a cropping issue where users would occasionally see the original image of a cropped image in the Inspector Panel.

Cropping Individual Images in Groups Bug

We resolved an issue related to cropping individual images in Groups. Users reported that on very tall images in Groups, attempts to crop would push the user to the top of the canvas and prevent finalizing their crop selection.

Scaled Synced Objects Movement Bug

We fixed a bug related to odd movements of scaled Synced Objects.

Nested Folders Update

We’ve made improvements to the speed of changes made at the Folder level. Now, locking, hiding, and moving folders and groups within folders won’t experience a delay in updating within the Studio., including the ability to lock nested folders without delay.

Text Box Breaks Zoom Bug

We resolved an issue related to text boxes while zooming in on an experience.