Password Protected Experiences

We released the ability to add a simple password to published experiences.

New Hotkey for Renaming Layers

You can now use Alt + R on Windows and Option + R on Mac to rename layers in your layers panel. No more double clicking needed!

Cropping Updates

We added the ability to crop your images from the top and bottom of your images (rather than only by using the blue handles). Speaking of blue handles, we also updated those to standard black squares

‘Go to Page’ interaction updates

We’ve made some updates to our page naming. Previously, if you reordered any of your pages, it would break certain interactions and cause your pages to be out of sync. Now, if you move one of your pages, the experience will automatically update to follow the intended page.

If a page that is the destination of a ‘Go to Page’ interaction is deleted, you’ll now see a red error on that layer in the layers panel and on the interactions tab.

Layer Panel Bug

We fixed a bug related to scrolling issues when selecting multiple layers in the layer panel.

Video Bug

We fixed a bug where an autoplay video would continue to play when a user scrolled in the experience even if it was paused.