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Our first foray into the rabbit hole of design Instagram was successful, so we decided to do it again. You can never have too much visual inspiration right? Check out 10 more accounts that prove that Insta offers so much more than selfies and sunsets.


A subscription service that offers a curated selection of indie magazines. Thankfully their Instagram feed isn’t trying hard sell you on anything except some very cool design.

Dirk Bakker

Graphic designer and amateur photographer Dirk Bakker has a remarkable talent for finding the abstract in architecture. His Instagram feed turns his home town of Amsterdam into a strobing, swirling marvel.

Jessica Walsh

One-half of the legendary creative agency and design studio Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica Walsh’s feed highlights a manic pixie dream girl quirk and quick wit.

Stefan Sagmeister

Walsh’s eponymous partner-in-crime, Stefan Sagmeister, takes a different route, featuring some of the best Instagram design out there.  

Reid Schlegel

The Instagram feed from Reid Schlegel features his architectural and industrial design work, though we are also partial to the posts documenting the remarkable Halloween costume he made last year.

Design Milk

Covering the best in design, architecture, and art, Design Milk has become a multi-platform empire of sorts, but it’s their Instagram feed that’s sure to serve up all the design genius you need.

Alexis Diaz

Puerto Rico-based artist and urban muralist Alexis Diaz creates enormous, and enormously detailed, street art of otherworldly animals and transmogrifying forms.

Ida Skivenes

The foodie-friendly whimsy of Ida Skivenes has proved to be a massive hit with her more than 260k Instagram followers.


Yes, they’re a megalithic advertising agency, but Wieden+Kennedy have also shown themselves to be adept at the Instagram. Their feed features not only the client work with which you’re surely familiar (Colin Kaepernick for Nike among them), but also in-house projects that might not otherwise see the light of day.

Kyle Wilkinson

A British graphic designer whose has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz, the BBC, et al., this features work that combines clean lines with kaleidoscopic flair.

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