2 Nov
02:00pm EDT

Using Ceros SDK

Using the Ceros SDK, you can create more complex digital content in the Ceros platform. Think quizzes, countdown timers, calculators, and more! In this 30-minute webinar led by Senior Customer Support Engineer, Adam Davis, we’ll break down the basics of the SDK and how you can get started using it.

Adam Davis

Adam is the Senior Customer Support Engineer at Ceros where he solves problems with JavaScript and the SDK daily.

A little more about Adam:
"My first taste of the internet was in 1994 when we got a 486 computer and I dialed into a local BBS on a 2400 baud modem. (I was an early adopter at age 10 - I'm not that old.) I was instantly fascinated with the Internet, and by around 1998, I started playing with HTML and building websites for fun. CSS was still fairly new, and I thought DHTML was the coolest thing ever. Then in college, while working as an editor, producer and general tech guy for a morning talk-radio host, I built and maintained three WordPress sites because my boss was really cheap and didn’t want to hire someone who actually knew what they were doing, so I figured it out. These sites even included ticketing (for live events) and ecommerce solutions! After this I accidentally fell really deep into a career in live events and was an audio engineer for over 10 years. Once I started to get burned out on that, I turned back to coding, because it’s basically the same thing, and here I am, working at Ceros, solving problems and finding a way with JavaScript and the Ceros SDK daily."