25 Feb
02:00pm EST

Seeing Numbers: How to Turn Complex Data Into Visual Stories

Ceros Originals (our Editorial team here at Ceros) creates some of the most cutting edge, boundary pushing Ceros content. The team is consistently spinning up engaging, eye catching experiences that span countless topics. But despite the wide range of industries and topics covered, one thing always remains the same—the need to find new and interesting ways to present the data they uncover.

In this webinar, Mark Healy and Tri Vo will sit down to discuss their process when it comes to telling stories through data visualization. Healy and Vo will outline how their team collaborates to turn large, complex datasets into engaging, digestible visual experiences.

Want to see some of our favorite Ceros Originals data viz pieces? This experience Stats & The City, analyzes every single script from HBO's Sex & the City, while this piece Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, deep dives into the career paths of the now grown-up cast of NBC's Freaks and Geeks.

Mark Healy

Mark is currently the VP of Content at Ceros, where he drives content marketing across three editorial sites. Previously, Mark held a number of editorial roles at magazines such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Details, and Men's Journal, where he was Editor in Chief before joining Ceros. He occasionally writes for traditional publications like New York, The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Medium Gen, but cherishes the editorial potential of an interactive platform more than ever.

Tri Vo

Tri is a Senior Graphic Designer working in the Editorial department within Ceros' Marketing team. He collaborates with the editors to bring editorial and co-marketing projects to life via design, interactivity and data visualization. He also experiments with the Ceros studio to push its boundaries whenever he can.