17 Nov
10:00am EST

Release 7

There’s a big product release coming this fall—and with it, some exciting updates to make you even more creative in the studio. This webinar will outline the new tools launched in Release 7, how to use them, as well as some use cases and examples of the new features in action.

Caroline Boyland

Caroline is a Digital Content Creator and overall Ceros studio expert tasked with onboarding and educating all new Ceros clients. When she’s not training new users in the studio, she is developing educational materials to help designers better understand the Ceros studio.

Caroline Brustowicz

Caroline is a Digital Designer on the Ceros Educate team. With her extensive background in both design and education, Caroline creates and develops new digital content and materials for Ceros Educate. Additionally, Caroline is tasked with training and onboarding new Ceros clients.