21 May
02:00pm EDT

Publisher Series: Create More Engaging Editorial Stories

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to use an interactive content platform to create the kind of editorial stories you've always dreamed of. This session will review content strategy, workflow, building a strong editorial and design team, and how to tell more engaging stories.

Mark Healy

Mark is currently the VP of Content at Ceros, where he drives content marketing across three editorial sites. Previously, Mark held a number of editorial roles at magazines such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Details, and Men's Journal, where he was Editor in Chief before joining Ceros. He occasionally writes for traditional publications like New York, The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Medium Gen, but cherishes the editorial potential of an interactive platform more than ever.

Adam Sangster

Adam has been on the commercial team at Ceros for over 8 years—with a focus in the publishing industry over the past 5 years. In his time at Ceros, Adam has worked closely with over 150 different publishing teams, helping them to monetize content across a number of different business units.