11 Nov
11:30am EST

Effectively Transforming Content with Ceros

Ever look at a lengthy PDF and think, "how am I going to transform this into an engaging Ceros experience?" —us too! That's why, in this webinar, we're going to walk you through how we look at static content and find key components that can be translated beautifully into interactive content.

We'll review what to look for, how those can translate into different interactive modules, as well as how to determine the key message of your piece and build a hierarchy within your content.

Molly Gervis

Molly is an Enterprise Launch Account Manager on the Customer Success Team. She supports new partners in pilot and in their first few months of official partnership to ensure they are onboarded smoothly, effectively and successfully. She especially concentrates on providing customized strategies and solutions to help partners transform their digital efforts so that they are optimized for the interactive space.

Caroline Boyland

Caroline is the Digital Content Manager on the Ceros Educate team. An overall Ceros studio expert, Caroline is tasked with onboarding and educating all new Ceros clients. When she's not training new users in the studio, she is developing educational materials to help designers better understand the Ceros studio.