4 Jun
02:00pm EDT

Content Marketing in Healthcare: Trending Topics, Themes, and Experiences

In this webinar, we'll outline 5 content marketing trends that we are currently seeing in the healthcare industry & explore how you can apply those learnings to your organization. Additionally, we'll review solutions for a few common content development struggles facing healthcare companies. Throughout the webinar, we'll also showcase some great examples from Ceros clients across the healthcare industry (such as pharma companies, medical device, and healthcare suppliers) who are demonstrating these trends.

Alexandra Lustig

Alexandra is a Senior Digital Strategist who discusses strategic & marketing priorities with clients to determine Ceros use cases, builds out project roadmaps, holds analytics reviews and provides insights and recommendations on content, as well as consults on projects at various stages of the creation process to provide best practices and strategic advice.

Renee Osgood Corcoran

Renee is the Customer Success Operations Manager at Ceros. Her responsibilities span from helping clients successfully integrate Ceros into their organizations, to developing educational content and best practices to enable the Ceros Customer Success team to better serve clients. Renee has been at Ceros for 6 years, previously holding roles in sales as well as leading a team of Customer Success Managers.