29 Jul
02:00pm EDT

Ceros Design Fundamentals: 101

Join us for this exciting webinar, by hosted PROs art directors Erica Maybaum and Renee Smith. In this session, Erica and Renee will explore design fundamentals and best practices that will enable you to create beautiful and intentionally designed experiences! Topics include layout, color, typography, and more.

Erica Maybaum

Erica Maybaum is an Interactive Art Director at Ceros, where she provides design solutions and art direction for new business clients as they transition into their first few months with Ceros. She began her design career in Boston as a designer at Wayfair and Her Campus Media and now resides in New York with her cat Mila.

Renee Smith

Renee Smith is an Interactive Art Director who oversees art direction of client projects, as well as designer education and advocacy for experiential design. Before Ceros, she worked as senior designer on marketing teams for Rokt and Outbrain, where she was always trying to find budget and advocate to bring Ceros into the organization.