28 Oct
10:00am EDT

Build-Along: Creating Carousels

To follow along with this interactive build-along, you can import the experience into your Ceros account by clicking on the CTA above the video. As there will be no breakout rooms in the recorded session, be sure to pause the video after each section of the build so you have time to build alongside us.

This build-along is an intermediate level session where we will dive into the basics of the “Cycle Next” interaction and build out a few variations of a Carousel.

Caroline Boyland

Caroline is the Digital Content Manager on the Ceros Educate team. An overall Ceros studio expert, Caroline is tasked with onboarding and educating all new Ceros clients. When she's not training new users in the studio, she is developing educational materials to help designers better understand the Ceros studio.

Caroline Brustowicz

Caroline is a Digital Designer on the Ceros Educate team. With her extensive background in both design and education, Caroline creates and develops new digital content and materials for Ceros Educate. Additionally, Caroline is tasked with training and onboarding new Ceros clients.