Effectively Transforming Content with Ceros

In this webinar, we're going to walk you through how we look at static content and find key components that can be translated beautifully into interactive content. We'll review what to look for, how those can translate into different interactive modules, as well as how to determine the key message of your piece and build a hierarchy within your content.

Ceros Design Fundamentals: 101

Join us for this exciting webinar, by hosted PROs art directors Erica Maybaum and Renee Smith. In this session, Erica and Renee will explore design fundamentals and best practices that will enable you to create beautiful and intentionally designed experiences! Topics include layout, color, typography, and more.

Incorporating Ceros into Your Workflow

Join us for an exciting webinar to review some of the best practices our PROs team has discovered to help with efficiencies in the studio. This webinar will be a super helpful session for larger teams looking to introduce new ideas for incorporating Ceros into their team’s overall workflow.

Ceros Inspiration Series: Driving Awareness & Lead Generation

This is part 1 of a 3 part webinar series. In this session, we'll take a look at top examples from Ceros customers using the platform to help drive awareness and leads through thought leadership, quizzes, assessments, media kits, and more.

Ceros Platform Training

This small group training will walk through the basics of the Ceros platform and cover everything from importing assets into the studio, to adding animations and interactions, and publishing.

Object States Build Along

In this build along session, Anna Moran, Senior Production Designer at Ceros, will cover the basics of Object States. We'll dive into the various functionalities of the states panel, and walk through a few use cases of varying difficulty levels.

Animate With Ease: Incorporating Movement into Your Content

Back by popular demand! In this webinar, Anna Moran (Senior Production Designer and resident animations expert), will review best practices for animating your static content. This session will deep dive into her workflow, applications for advanced techniques, and highlight how to animate your content with purpose.

Release 7

There’s a big product release coming this fall—and with it, some exciting updates to make you even more creative in the studio. This webinar will outline the new tools launched in Release 7, how to use them, as well as some use cases and examples of the new features in action.