This Past Year Changed Everything in Design & Marketing: Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Normal

This year brought a lot of change—what does all that change mean for marketers and designers? We’ll explore what it all means and how to navigate the new normal from A-Z.

Seeing Numbers: How to Turn Complex Data Into Visual Stories

In this webinar, Mark Healy and Tri Vo will sit down to discuss their process when it comes to telling stories through data visualization. Healy and Vo will outline how their team collaborates to turn large, complex datasets into engaging, digestible visual experiences.

Ideation 101: A Think Big Workshop

In this interactive webinar, Senior Content Strategist Daisy Carrington will teach you how to create "out of the box" storytelling that will be more memorable and more engaging for your users.

Content Strategy: Writing for a Digital Audience

In this small group training, we'll review a high-level analysis of online reader behavior, followed by best practices for writing for digital. Learn techniques for brainstorming engaging concepts, writing compelling headlines, and more.

Create a Voice: Crafting the Best Way to Speak to Your Audience

In this webinar, we'll discuss what makes up brand voice, why it matters, and how to find a voice that will connect with your audience.

Publisher Series: Create More Engaging Editorial Stories

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to use an interactive content platform to create the kind of editorial stories you've always dreamed of. This session will review content strategy, workflow, building a strong editorial and design team, and how to tell more engaging stories.