Theme and Settings Panel

The theme menu allows you to make global changes to the look and feel of your experiences.

In the theme menu, there are a few options to change the background color or image, the icon colors, enable swipe, and more. You also can choose whether or not you want default left and right navigation arrows on your experience. If you have a multipage experience, standard navigation arrows will automatically be enabled with the default colors. If you’d rather create your own custom navigation, you can remove these arrows by unchecking enable arrows in this theme menu. Or you can simply adjust the colors to match your experience.

The rest of the settings in this menu are pretty self-explanatory, so feel free to experiment with different combinations to fit your needs.

The settings menu has a ton of customization options to help you customize your experience to fit your needs. The tabs in the settings menu are:

Experience Settings: Adjust your Experience Title, customize the trailing URL of the published experience, and set a redirect URL.

SEO Properties: Add title keywords, a meta description, specify a canonical URL, enter NoScript HTML, or disable SEO completely.

Social Sharing: Choose a title, description, and image to customize how your experience will look when shared on both Twitter and Open Graph platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Custom HTML: Drop external code snippets into your experience such as Marketing automation tracking pixels, tracking codes, retargeting pixels, 3rd party popup forms, A/B testing, and more.

Experience Performance: Customize the way your experience loads to fit your needs, each and every time.

If you have any questions at all on the theme or settings menu, feel free to reach out to us in the chat widget!